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Refunds to be offered on restricted view diving tickets

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Aquatics Centre picture (Twitter Adam Soldati @CoachSoldati) / Tom Daley photo (PA)

Thousands of people who bought tickets to see Tom Daley try for Olympic gold are being offered a refund as they will have an obstructed view of the action.

The diving will take place at the Aquatics Centre, which has a capacity of 17,500. Around 600 tickets for each of the eight 10m platform sessions are located in areas where fans will lose sight of the divers after they launch themselves from the high board.

This is because of the way the sloping roof of the building was constructed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid.

In all 4,800 people who paid between £30 and £50 for their tickets will be affected over the course of the Games.

"People in affected seats won't be able to see the divers when they jump into the air. They will miss a nanosecond of action and they will be able to see the whole trajectory of the dive," a LOCOG spokeswoman was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph.

"When these tickets were put on sale after the test event, where we tested every seat to check the view, we didn't say the view was partially restricted, but we were trying to get more of the British public into the diving."

LOCOG admitted that they offered the tickets without making reference to the restricted view but said that all the affected ticket holders would be emailed and offered refunds if they so desired.

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