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Image captured by @hfwardhouse on Twitter

There was something ever so slightly wrong with the picture as Andy Murray got his Olympic singles campaign off to a winning start at Wimbledon on Sunday.

It wasn't anything to do with Murray himself, or the ball girls, or even the unfamiliar colourings at SW19 as the tournament gets its Olympic makeover.

The mistake comes on the umpire's ladder, where the sign stenciller must have been in a bit of a hurry, and written London 2102, rather than 2012.

On closer inspection, it looks as if '2012' is a separate sticker, and has been slapped on the wrong way around, giving the unfortunate end result.

As our American colleagues cruelly joked, perhaps it was a reference to when a British male would next win Wimbledon.

The good news, however, is that there would be a Winter Olympics scheduled in the year 2102. With that in mind, all it will need is for London to win the hosting rights, manufacture a selection of suitably tall snow-capped mountains somewhere just past Stratford, and use the same logo as they have in this campaign - and then the sign will finally be correct.

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