Kyle Schwarber's moonshot homer taken down from Wrigley scoreboard

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The city of Chicago officially lost a landmark on Tuesday. A spokesman for the Chicago Cubs told the Chicago Tribune that the team moved Kyle Schwarber's NLDS home run ball from the Wrigley Field scoreboard. 

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Schwarber famously launched the ball on top of the scoreboard during the team's NLDS series against the St. Louis Cardinals. As a tribute to his Schwarber's massive power, the Cubs decided to encase the ball in glass and leave it on top of the scoreboard for the rest of the postseason.

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The Cubs stayed true to their promise, though it was unclear what would happen to the ball during the offseason. 

Coincidentally, The Stew asked Schwarber if he knew what happened to the ball Tuesday. The interview took place prior to the news that the club had moved it. "I haven't been told anything," Schwarber said. "Last thing I knew it was still encased up there. No one has told me what happened to it now." He added, "it would be cool, leaving it up there."

By now, Schwarber must know the sad truth. While he's probably not too upset about it, we're allowed to be sad for him.

Of course, this could all result in a happy ending. Julian Green, the Cubs spokesman who talked to the Tribune, said the ball is in a "safe, secure place" now. He would not reveal where it was due to "security reasons." 

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Maybe, just maybe, that "safe, secure place" is Schwarber's locker. Maybe the Cubs are going to surprise him the next time he arrives at the ballpark. Maybe it's just us, but we feel like when you hit a baseball that hard, you become its proper owner.

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