• UFC on Fox 2′s Three Stars: Oliveira, Johnson and Evans

    Charles Oliveira celebrates at UFC on Fox 2 (Getty)

    The UFC's second foray into network television was not exactly thrilling. Some of the best moments happened during the Fuel broadcast, with the fights on Fox providing less-than-exciting action. Who stood out for you? Here are Cagewriter's Three Stars. Tell us yours in the comment section or on Facebook.

    No. 1 star -- Charles Oliveira: In his first fight at featherweight, the Brazilian used a leg submission that caused every MMA writer on press row to say, "What was that?" We settled on a calf slicer, while Oliveira walked away with the Submission of the Night bonus.

    No. 2 star -- Lavar

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  • Watch Lavar Johnson knock out Joey Beltran

    If you don't have Fuel TV, you didn't see Lavar Johnson's Knockout of the Night. The first Strikeforce heavyweight to cross over the UFC used crushing uppercuts to take out Joey Beltran.

    Johnson's last two bouts were submission losses in Strikeforce: Challengers, but on Saturday's UFC on Fox 2 card, he showed that his striking is ready for the UFC.

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  • Mike Russow’s ‘dream came true’ at UFC on Fox 2

    Mike Russow after win (Getty)CHICAGO -- As Mike Russow walked out to fight Jon-Olav Einemo at the United Center on Saturday night, his face lit up. The UFC heavyweight and Chicago police officer was cheered on by the 15,000+ fans in attendance at the United Center.

    The cheers were even louder after Russow's decision win was announced. He said his emotions were hard to describe, but fighting in the UFC in his hometown was a vision realized.

    "It was a dream come true. I've been thinking of that my whole life. Just to have my friends and family yelling for me," Russow said.

    Though he told Cagewriter earlier this week that he was planning to keep the fight standing, he ended up using his wrestling to take Einemo down and control him. Einemo is an elite grappler, so it's surprising that Russow would want to go to the ground with him.

    "It wasn't the game plan, but that takedown was open."

    Russow is now 4-0 in the UFC, and hasn't lost since he dropped a fight in PRIDE to Sergei Kharitonov in 2007. Still, he's not ready to call out any heavyweights for his next bout.

    "I have a long ways to go. I'm 4-0, but I gotta keep making baby steps. I'll let Joe and Dana decide."

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  • Bisping lands a big left (Getty Images)

    CHICAGO -- Michael Bisping was the prefight villain of the night at the United Center, but with a hard-fought performance against Chael Sonnen, he converted an awful lot of haters.

    Sonnen took a unanimous decision but it was far from easy. Don't believe it? The brash Sonnen had nothing but nice things to say about one of mixed martial arts' No. 1 heels.

    "The whole fight I was never in a position tonight where I was comfortable, not one. It was 15 awkward minutes. I don't have a bad thing to say about the guy," said Sonnen,

    Both fighters were surprised it was announced that Sonnen swept the scorecards and one judge, Clay Goodman scored it 30-27.

    "There's no way on earth that was a 30-27 and that judge needs to have a serious thinking about his career," said a frustrated Bisping.

    Bisping's resolve was strengthened by an outpouring of support on Twitter and the Internet. He's never been received very well by fans and MMA media.

    "I think I won rounds one and two. In this modern day of social networking, you just gotta look at the internet, and the general consensus is that people think I won the fight," said Bisping.

    UFC president Dana White was also a strong backer of Bisping's performance.

    Seconds after the final bell, even Sonnen thought Bisping may have pulled the upset.

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  • Rashad Evans earns title shot with UFC on Fox 2 decision

    Rashad Evans won over Phil Davis (Tracy Lee)CHICAGO -- In a bout to decide the next light heavyweight title contender, Rashad Evans controlled Phil Davis on his way to a unanimous decision at the United Center on Saturday night. The judges saw it 50-45 on all three cards for Evans.

    Davis landed a spinning leg kick, then ducked low into a takedown. Evans pushed him into the fence and fended off the takedown attempt. Every time Davis came in to try to get the takedown, Evans made him pay with a punch or two. Evans got a takedown at the 1:30 point of the first round, then moved to side control. From there, he put Davis into a crucifix hold and landed a bevy of short punches.

    In the second round, Evans was aggressive, landing several punches early in the round. They clinched, but things slowed down considerably. They had a few striking exchanges, with Evans coming out on top. In the last 30 seconds, Evans took Davis down and again landed punches from side control.

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    Davis shot in for a takedown to start the third round. Davis drove him against the fence until he finally got the takedown. Evans reversed position and landed several lefts to Davis' face. They returned to their feet, and Davis got another takedown, and Evans returned to his feet while Davis held on for dear life.

    Early in the fourth round, Davis landed a punishing rib kick, but Evans did not slow down. He continued to move forward, stalking Davis around the cage. When Davis shot in for a takedown, Evans fended him off before getting a takedown of his own.

    Evans started the fifth round with a huge strike, and then held off Davis' attack. Evans caught a kick, then as he held the single leg, punched Davis until he went down. He stretched Davis into side control, and continued to land punches even as Davis worked to his feet. Evans controlled the rest of the round the way he controlled the whole fight.

    With this win, Evans should punch his ticket for a fight with Jon Jones. The UFC announced Saturday that Jones' next bout will be in April in Atlanta. As long as Evans is healthy, the bout should be his.

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  • Sonnen doing damage on the groundCHICAGO -- It was a rough 15 minutes, but Chael Sonnen did enough to get the fight he's coveted for 17 months.

    The middleweight title contender locked up a shot against the UFC's 185-pound champ Anderson Silva with a surprisingly tough win over Michael Bisping.

    In a fight, that appeared to be a toss-up for some, Sonnen took a unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28, in the co-main event of the UFC on Fox 2 card at the United Center.

    Sonnen's win sets up an intriguing scenario.

    UFC president Dana White guaranteed the winner of tonight's tilt the next shot at Silva. The champ has been sidelined since August with shoulder and back issues and the promotion is pointing towards a summer return. But Silva recently hinted that he may be out beyond the summer.

    Sonnen (27-11-1, 6-4 UFC) believes Silva is ducking him and has done everything he can to call out the champ. Tonight, he made the wise decision of not poking Silva. Instead, he delivered a hilarious postfight speech talking about his own greatness.

    "As I've told everyone before, when you're the best fighter in the world, they don't call you champion, they call you Chael Sonnen," said Sonnen.

    Sonnen was good, not great tonight, but much of that had to do with the opponent. Bisping (22-4, 10-0 UFC) rubs plenty of fans and media members the wrong way and, as a result, he's a bit underrated. The common thought was that the Brit would get eaten alive by Sonnen's Olympic-level wrestling, but that didn't happen in the first two rounds.

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  • Chris Weidman takes UFC on Fox 2 decision

    Weidman takes decision (Tracy Lee)CHICAGO -- On 11 days notice, Chris Weidman took a less-than-stellar split decision over Demian Maia. The judges saw it 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Weidman at the United Center on Saturday night.

    Though both men are accomplished grapplers, the first round started with nothing but stand-up. Neither fighter truly got an edge in striking, though it was Maia who got the first takedown. The two got back to their feet quickly, and Maia followed up with aggressive strikes.

    Weidman got the takedown to start the second round, but again, they did not stay there for long. Maia's face started to show damage

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  • Evan Dunham stops Nik Lentz at UFC on Fox 2

    Nik Lentz's face after two rounds (Tracy Lee)CHICAGO -- Evan Dunham finished off the preliminary card of UFC on Fox 2 with a pummeling of Nik Lentz. Dunham won after two rounds because of a doctor's stoppage.

    Both fighters were light on their feet and throwing several punches early in the round. Lentz tried for takedowns, but Dunham was able to spring back to his feet. Dunham got a big takedown late in the round.

    Again in the second round, Dunham got the takedown. When they returned to their feet, they traded leather, smiling as they threw abuse at each other's bloody face. Dunham broke from their punchfest to get another takedown. He tried for a guillotine, but when he couldn't choke Lentz out, Dunham punished him with elbows. They returned to their feet in the final thirty seconds, with Lentz's face showing the damage he sustained in the round. Because of the damage, the bout was stopped before the third round began.

    Dunham is now 13-2, while Lentz falls to 21-5-2.

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  • Officer Mike Russow takes UFC on Fox 2 decision

    012812russowCHICAGO -- Mike Russow did his city proud with a decision victory at UFC on Fox 2. The judges scored it 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for Russow, causing loud cheers from the crowd at the United Center.

    Russow started with a quick takedown. When they returned to their feet, Russow was aggressive, landing a combination before clinching up with Einemo. He moved inside with strikes, and then got another takedown. From there Russow controlled Einemo until the last five seconds, when Einemo briefly reversed position before the round ended.

    The second round started much like the first, with Russow getting a quick takedown. Russow briefly stood up and towered over Einemo, but returned to controlling him on the ground. They were stood up with 22 seconds left in the round, but Russow returned to the takedown that served him well for the first two rounds.

    Einemo was more aggressive in the third round, and nailed Russow with a knee and a punch. Russow got the takedown again, but had more trouble with it. When on the ground, Einemo came close to take Russow's back, but Russow slipped out of it. Russow controlled Einemo for most of the round, but the two were stood up with just over a minute left. Einemo hit Russow with a knee, then Russow used the next knee for another takedown.

    Russow is a full-time member of the Chicago Police Department and took a month off from the department to prepare for this bout. He's now 4-0 in the UFC and 15-1 overall. Einemo, a member of the famed Golden Glory camp, has lost both of his UFC bouts.

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  • Oliveira cranks on Wisely's leg (Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Sports)

    CHICAGO -- Eric Wisely learned a new submission term - the calf slicer. Unfortunately, it was Wisely's calf, knee and thigh that were being shredded by Charles Oliveira.

    In his featherweight debut, Oliveira showed off some nifty scrambling and submission skills in finishing the American at the 1:53 mark of the first round. The UFC's Tom Gerbasi said it was the first calf slicer finish in the history of the promotion.

    Oliveira (15-2, 3-2 UFC, 1 NC) landed the Submission of the Night bonus good for  $65,000.

    "It felt amazing to walk out and hear the energy of the crowd here in Chicago. I was extremely confident and proud going into this fight and I knew that God would be with me," Oliveira said. "I have practiced my submissions endlessly and it was easy to look for that opportunity to finish the fight. I am ready for the next challenge inside the Octagon."

    Oliveira looked solid in all aspects, most importantly the bounce in his step. This was the 22-year-old's first fight down at 145 pounds. That first trip down to a new weight class can always be dicey from a stamina standpoint. The Brazilian's length at 5-foot-10 gave Wisely trouble from the start. He just couldn't get inside on Oliveira.

    After eating a few good punches and a kick, Wisely (19-7) flopped to his back. From there, Oliveira patiently hovered above looking to land some good shots. He finally grabbed a leg and dropped back to work on a heel hook. It was tight, but Wisely escaped serious damage. He wasn't out of it, so Oliveira tried to reset the position.

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