• Close up of bone spurs removed from Munoz's elbow (

    Mark Munoz lost out on a huge opportunity when he had to bail on his UFC on Fox 2 fight against Chael Sonnen.

    It looks like the middleweight contender had no choice. The injured elbow that got operated on, had that stuff floating around in it.

    Munoz shows off his vial of bone chips (MMAMania)

    Munoz faces 4-6 weeks of recovery time and hopes to return to the Octagon in May. Michael Bisping was bumped up the card to face Sonnen with Chris Weidman sliding into Bisping's spot against Demian Maia.

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  • A slightly overweight Guillard weighs in with towel

    Explosiveness against technique. It's a solid way to describe the main event tonight at UFC on FX 1.

    Melvin Guillard can overwhelm his opponents, while Jim Miller can slowly pick you apart with his overall game. But there may be one other factor that determines the outcomes of this one. Guillard may simply be too big for Miller, one of the smaller fighters in the lightweight division.

    Guillard tweeted this morning that he'll actually be over the welterweight limit as he steps into the Octagon tonight (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) for this 155-pound tilt.

    Kevin Iole and Frank Trigg joined myself on ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas to make our picks using the Sin City betting odds. Iole likes Guillard and Trigg thinks the size disparity won't make a difference. He's worried about Guillard surviving if he doesn't finish the fight in the first few minutes.

    UFC on FX 1 betting odds:
    Best bets in bold

    Melvin Guillard (+150) vs. Jim Miller (-170)
    Duane Ludwig (-105) vs. Josh Neer (-115)

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  • Gina Carano compares sex and MMA on ‘Conan’

    We've had a lot of Gina Carano coverage lately, as the onetime Strikeforce title contender has been making the rounds to promote her movie "Haywire." This might be considered piling on, but during her appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, she talked about why she got into MMA and how fighting is like sex. It's not quite NSFW, but definitely PG.

    [Yahoo! speaks with Gina Carano about Haywire]

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  • Erick Silva ‘s DQ will stand, but UFC implementing replay

    Erick Silva has a sad. (Getty)Remember Erick Silva's bizarre disqualification at UFC 142? The one that caused the Brazilian prospect to go from jubilant to despondent in about .15 seconds? The one that made UFC commentator Joe Rogan call out referee Mario Yamasaki's judgment while in the Octagon? The one that made us all wonder why there's no instant replay in MMA?

    Yeah, that one? It won't be overturned. Since the fight was in Brazil, with no regulatory commission, the UFC served as the regulator of the fight. They announced that they have no plans to change the fight to a no-contest.

    From Marc Ratner, the UFC's vice president of government and regulatory affairs:

    "Based on the referee's verbal warnings and his determination that the blows were intentional and a disqualifying foul, this is not the type of decision that can be reviewed," Ratner stated. "Therefore, the decision stands."

    However, Ratner did share some good news. The UFC will start using instant replay at their self-regulated, international events, and will encourage state commissions to come into the 90s and use replay.

    While it may not be the exact outcome that MMA fans -- or Erick Silva -- wants, it's still a good sign that the UFC is willing to make a change to improve the sport overall.

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  • The chances Gina Carano returns to get punched in the grill anytime soon gets slimmer and slimmer by the second with the release of her new movie "Haywire."

    [Yahoo! speaks with Gina Carano about Haywire]

    The L.A. Times wrote glowingly about the performance by the former "face of women's mixed martial arts."

    [...] watching Carano kick, spin, flip, choke, crack and crush the fiercest of foes — mostly men about twice her size — is thoroughly entertaining, highly amusing and frankly somewhat awe-inspiring.

    That's something MMA fans have been entertained by for years, but to hear a non-fan that impressed, has to make Carano feel pretty good. It's certainly going to make a huge impression on folks looking to include the fighter in future projects.

    Steven Soderbergh, Gina Carano and Ewan McGregor (Getty)

    The film critic Betsey Sharkey says the movie isn't Steven Soderbergh's best effort - she lists "Traffic" - but says Haywire is far from his worst. She also hints strongly that Carano has future beyond on-screen kicks and submissions.

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  • Cagewriter Q and A with Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey

    Strikeforce bantamweight champ Miesha Tate (Zuffa)Cagewriter spoke with two of women's MMA's biggest names: Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Rousey will try to take the Strikeforce bantamweight belt from Tate on Mar. 3 in the main event in Columbus, Ohio. The two addressed the tension that led to their fight and women's role in MMA.

    Cagewriter: There has been heat between you two, in tweets and articles. Did that make it an easy decision to take the fight?

    Rousey: It was a no-brainer for me. She never wanted this fight. Originally she said she'd be down to fight me, but as soon as I called her out, she changed her tune real quick.

    Tate: No. Someone asked me on Twitter, "Would you ever fight Ronda?" And I said, sure, if she ever makes the drop to 135 and works her way up, then of course.

    Rousey: No, you did not say it like that. You said, "Sure! Why not?" and then you sent me a direct tweet saying, "Do you think you could make 135?" I took that as directly, "Do you want to come fight me at 135?" Not saying abstractly that at some time in the future that you might want to fight me under certain circumstances that you deem reasonable.

    Tate: That's how I remember saying it. Basically, yeah. If she makes 135 then I'm not afraid to fight anyone. At that time, you were in my division and I was in mine. Like, if anyone asks if I'm going to fight Cyborg, if she makes 135. If you're in my division, then yes. I'll fight you. I'm not going to go to 145, but if you come down to 135, and the opportunity presents itself, then yeah. I'll fight you.

    Rousey: I presented with my own opportunity to fight you. Sorry it wasn't on your time.

    Tate: That's fine. I don't have any problems with that, and I don't have any problems fighting you.

    Rousey: Really? Because I see a lot of articles that say the contrary.

    Tate: Let me finish. Do I feel you're the No. 1 contender in our division? No. I feel that Sarah Kaufman had the rug pulled right out from under her feet. Not necessarily your fault, but she was promised the spot that you have right now. It was on national television, I had beat Marloes and they brought her in and said, "Hey you're the No. 1 contender. You're coming off two solid wins." And then you come in, 4-0 and never having fought in our division, and you run your mouth, you say, "I'm marketable," and this fight makes sense because I'm marketable, and you get it. That's fine. I'm going to fight you because that's my job. If they tell me to fight you, I'm going to shut up and do that. I don't care who I fight. But morally? Who do I think deserved it? Sarah Kaufman. We're going to fight.

    Cagewriter: Women don't often headline cards. What does being the main event mean to you?

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  • Guillard at weigh-in (Getty)Melvin Guillard doesn't want to go the way of George Sotiropoulos, Anthony Pettis and Evan Dunham.

    Last year was a horror show for those guys. On the verge of getting a title shot, all three suffered a loss or two that sent that sent them tumbling down the lightweight ladder.

    Guillard faces Jim Miller tomorrow night on FX (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT), with both fighters facing the same fate if they lose - at least another year before they sniff a title shot.

    Guillard (29-9-2, 10-5 UFC) was hot as a pistol before UFC 136 in October, but lost his shot at Frank Edgar with a 47 second submission loss at the hands of Joe Lauzon. He knows this Miller fight is make or break time.

    "It was kinda dumb, but I am young enough to learn as long as realize the mistake. I made the mistake, it didn't just happen," Guilard said referencing the loss to Lauzon. "I know that but I also know I'm still one of the best fighters in the division. But I am ready for this fight with Miller. He's a top guy, maybe the No. 3 or No. 4 in the division, and if I perform like I can do, I think it will be hard for people to say that I didn't deserve a UFC title shot."

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  • Carano photos real and phonyAfter a positive steroid test, it's probably best to slink off into the shadows for a while.

    Apparently, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos doesn't realize the damage her positive test did to her reputation. The last thing fans want to hear from an alleged "cheater" is her dumping on someone who's currently in the mix, licensed and clean.

    Cyborg went down that path and did so in the oddest fashion. Santos decided to lash out at Ronda Rousey. Rousey, a former Olympian and current 135- and 145-pound contender, has buried Cyborg over her positive test. You feel bad for Cyborg? Some will say, tough luck it comes with the territory.

    Along with a postfight photo of Gina Carano, Cyborg responded Wednesday by tweeting "next victim ... Ronda" in Portuguese.

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  • It was just two weeks ago that Muhammed Lawal was calling Quinton Jackson washed up and a B-level actor.

    Jackson didn't say too much since, but he did sit down for an interview yesterday which happened to be perfectly timed with the news released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that "King Mo" tested positive for an anabolic steroid following his Strikeforce fight.

    "I feel that any fighter who has to use steroids to go in the cage and fight somebody is not a true fighter somebody just blatantly taking anabolical steroids to get in the cage is a sad case," said Jackson.

    Jackson said

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  • Work! Jon Jones does his thing on the runway

    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has found his next opponent. Though the names Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans have been thrown around, he will face off with Derek Zoolander in a walk-off.

    While in Brazil to take in UFC 142 last week, Jones walked in the Auslander fashion show. Skip to the 1:25 mark to see him.

    He's a little too fast, but he did have the dead-eyed look that models work hard to achieve. But don't leave MMA for modeling, Jon. There's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

    Thanks, Cage Potato.

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