• Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury sets his sights on UFC champ Cain Velasquez

    (Getty)That didn't take long. Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury is frustrated with his inability to get a fight with either of the Klitschko brothers, Fury decided to call out newly crowned UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

    Via Twitter, Fury said, "If the klitchkos r 2 much of [expletive] to fight me then I'll go & fight the MMA heavyweight champ at least he is game. Wouldn't last 2 rounds! ... Cain valasquez is a little midget on steds bring it on I'll fight. Not a man born from his mother can beat me! Contact Hennessy sports! ... I'm the new baddest man on the planet I'll smash @cainmma. Let's get it on!"

    Fury is 20-0 and has four technical knockouts in his last five fights. That's fantastic for him. As a boxer, he looks like he has a great future.

    But this past weekend, Velasquez showed how well-rounded his MMA game is. He was an All-American wrestler at the Division I level, and had no problem taking down Junior dos Santos. Does British-born Fury think he can learn a ground game in a few months? He may want to think about what happened when James Toney tried that.

    Thanks, Knuckledragger.

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  • (Tracy Lee)

    Junior dos Santos lost the UFC heavyweight belt on Saturday night to Cain Velasquez. In the fight, Velasquez brutalized JDS with striking and wrestling for which dos Santos had no answer. Dos Santos recorded a video thank you to fans, and you have to give the guy credit. He does have a sense of humor about the loss.

    "All the time, I got my hands hurt. All the time. But this time, I got my face hurt! My hands are feeling 100 percent. But my face got a little swollen," dos Santos said.

    He also was sure to compliment Velasquez.

    "I think Cain Velasquez did an excellent job, so congratulations to him. He followed a good strategy. I'm going to go home, and I'm going to fix everything, and put everything in the right place, and come back stronger than ever."

    Before Saturday, dos Santos had lost just once in his career. He was submitted via armbar in 2007. It's pretty impressive that he's taking this loss so well, and adds some credibility behind his promise to come back stronger than ever.

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  • (Instagram)Joe Lauzon's followers on Twitter and Instagram have been treated to the after pictures from Lauzon's bloody, three-round battle with Jim Miller at UFC 155. Lauzon has shared a picture every day of the swelling, cuts and bruises that came from the bout, which Lauzon lost by decision. The picture above is from Wednesday night, when Lauzon said he was "starting to look better."

    The pictures are a poignant and even painful reminder of the kind of damage fighters take in the fights we love the most. Lauzon has only had two fights go to decision in his career. He is aware of the kind of damage fighters can take in bouts like his on Saturday.

    "I don't feel I've taken any real abuse or punishment," Lauzon said. "But the thing is I don't want to. I don't want to have wars if that means I'm going to forget my own name. If it got to that point, I would reassess everything and take a step back.

    Most of the time, Lauzon wins his fights by submission. Eighteen of his 22 wins have ended with a submission, which usually means less damage than in a knockout.

    Lauzon worked in information technology and went to school for computer science. He has plenty of opportunities outside of fighting.

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  • The new -- and old -- UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez returned home after winning the belt on Saturday night with a dismantling of Junior dos Santos. At the airport, friends, family, fans and a mariachi band were waiting. The sweetest part comes right at the beginning. Velasquez's young daughter greets her father with a hug and kiss. When she is handed a kid-sized championship belt, his daughter hands it to the champ. I dare you to watch and not say, "Awwww."

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  • Cold weather, hot fights: The top five bouts of January

    (Getty)Happy January, Cagereaders. It's a new year, which means we have a fresh slate of fights to discuss, dissect, predict and then finally enjoy. Here are Cagewriter's top five. Which ones are you most excited about? Speak up in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

    Michael Chandler vs. Rick Hawn on Jan. 17: Bellator's move to Spike TV is starting with a bang. Lightweight champion Chandler will defend his belt for the first time (his bout with Akihiro Gono was a non-title bout.) He'll have to face Hawn, an Olympian in judo who won his last three fights with two knockouts and a decision.

    Pat Curran vs. Patricio Freire on Jan. 17: On the same night, Curran will put his featherweight title against Freire, a frightening striker who has been waiting for Curran since May.

    Vitor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping on January 19: The UFC on FX card will be headlined by a fight that could decide Anderson Silva's next challenger. Even without title implications hanging over it, Belfort taking on Bisping in Brazil is just a fun fight.

    Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis on January 26: Fighters don't have to dislike each other for a good fight to happen, but it does make it a whole lot of fun. Pettis and Cerrone have been jawing at each other for months, and they finally get to settle their score at the UFC's next Fox card. Bonus: They're both thrilling strikers who seem incapable of boring fights.

    Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson on January 26: For the main event of UFC on Fox 6, Johnson will get his first chance to defend the UFC's flyweight belt. It will be speed vs. speed in the cage, which is both fun and exhausting to watch.

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  • Someone in New York City voted for Chael Sonnen for president

    (Getty)Chael Sonnen, the UFC fighter who is known as much for his trash talk as his fighting skills, has a passionate fanbase. They pay to watch him on pay-per-views, stand in line for hours for autographs and pictures, and hang on his every word. One fan even thought enough of Sonnen that he or she cast a ballot for him in the 2012 presidential election.

    New York City's official election results were posted today. According to the New York Times, one vote was tallied for Sonnen. He received the same amount of votes as Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City.

    Though the voter probably knew his or her vote wouldn't result in a Sonnen presidency, Sonnen has had political ambitions in the past. In 2010, he ran for a Senate seat in his home state of Oregon, but withdrew when a legal issue arose. The legal issue turned out to be money laundering in connection with his job as a realtor. Sonnen plead guilty in 2011.

    Now, Sonnen's sights are on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The two will coach against each other on the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter," and face off in April.

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  • Check out the UFC’s best moments from 2012 (VIDEO)

    Happy 2013, Cagereaders! May your new year be filled with great fights, stunning knockouts, creative submissions, intriguing matchmaking and maybe even a little blood. To start 2013 off right, check out Fuel TV's best UFC moments of 2012.

  • Cain Velasquez hit Junior dos Santos really, really hard, and Yahoo! Sports photographer Tracy Lee was there to capture every punchface dos Santos made. See that and more from UFC 155.

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  • UFC 155′s Three Stars: Cain Velasquez, Jim Miller and Erik Perez

    (Getty)UFC 155 saw a new heavyweight champ, a bloody canvas, and a whole lot of Luchador masks. Which fighters stood above the rest?

    No. 1 star -- Cain Velasquez: With the way Junior dos Santos handled Cain Velasquez in their first fight, it didn't seem likely that the old champ would be leaving Las Vegas with the belt. The oddsmakers weren't on his side. But a healthy Velasquez used wrestling and powerful striking to handle JDS for five rounds. He gave JDS a whole new look, and showed that his first time winning the belt was no fluke.

    Velasquez has plenty of options for his next fight. He could face Alistair Overeem if he gets through Antonio Silva, or the winner of Fabricio Werdum vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. The only fight you shouldn't expect to see is Velasquez vs. Strikeforce champion Daniel Cormier. The teammates at American Kickboxing Academy pledged not to fight each other. Cormier said he would drop down to light heavyweight first.

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  • So you wanna be a fighter?

    Junior dos Santos and Tim Boetsch both walked away from UFC 155 with losses. They also walked away with seriously, seriously beat-up faces, as shown in this picture from the hospital.

    UFC president Dana White originally suggested that dos Santos suffered a broken jaw from his five-round, title loss to Cain Velasquez, but tests reportedly came back negative. Boetsch had a huge cut during his loss to Costa Philippou, which is pretty easy to find in the above picture.

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