• (Getty)For Americans visiting Canada, the cell phone charges can sometimes creep up on you. Your phone will work the same, but weeks later, you get a shocking cell phone bill. UFC featherweight Darren Elkins wasn't going to get hit with that massive phone bill during his trip to Montreal for UFC 158. He ignored phone calls.

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    Of course, that also meant he nearly missed his chance at filling in at UFC on Fox 7 after Clay Guida pulled out of his bout with Chad Mendes because of an injury.

    "Up there (in Canada) I had my phone turned off," Elkins today told Radio "You've got those ridiculous roaming charges and stuff."

    His manager ran him down and broke the news of the potential fight. Elkins will face Mendes, the one-time featherweight contender, just a month after fighting Antonio Carvalho and winning with a controversial TKO. Elkins is on a five-fight win streak, so a win over Mendes could push him closer to a title shot.

    It's the kind of fight that's definitely worth the roaming charges.

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  • With no fight this week, UFC president Dana White released a video blog that shows what he and his "idiot friends" do when visiting his place in Maine. Yes, there's plenty of NSFW language. Take a look and see what White and his friends are up to, including:

    1. Talk one friend into trying the spiciest hot sauce ever.
    2. Blow things up.
    3. Shoot guns while calling each other a nickname for a cat.
    4. Apple-picking, though it doesn't look like they're picking honeycrisp apples, the finest of all apple varieties.
    5. Milk goats in a way that looks pretty uncomfortable for the goat.
    6. Drive

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  • What you missed from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

    (Getty)It was a fight-packed episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" as Tuesday night's episode had two fights and visits from two different champs.

    Ronda Rousey stops by -- Kelvin won his first match, so he was rewarded with a visit with UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. It wasn't just for show, either, as Rousey showed Team Sonnen several judo techniques. She also pumped them up with some of her favorite "Momisms," including the choice line, "No one has the right to beat you."

    Collin Hart (Team Jones) vs. Kelvin Gastellum (Team Sonnen)

    Gastellum said in his pre-fight interviews that no one respects his boxing. Uh, they will now. Gastellum struck Hart quickly with a left hook that sent him down to the ground. Hart hit his head on the canvas, rolled over, and took a few more punches before the fight was stopped. It was a vicious, vicious knockout.

    Mike Tyson! Oh, hey, no big deal. Mike Tyson showed up at the training center. He stopped in the locker rooms to say hello to the fighters.

    Dylan Andrews (Team Jones) vs. Luke Barnatt (Team Sonnen)

    A fight for the Queen as Australian Andrews takes on Brit Barnatt. Andrews got the takedown early in the first round, and Barnatt had no answer on the ground for much of the round. Andrews tried for a few chokes, but was unsuccessful.

    Barnatt did a much better job in the second, creating offense from the bottom. This led to a third round, where Andrews took over. He knocked a clearly tired Barnatt around until he finally knocked him out in the third round.

    Everyone was impressed with how Andrews fought through the third round, including the man signing the checks.

    "I'm blown away and impressed with Dylan. That's how it's done here." — Dana White

    The next two quarterfinals are next week, and they'll have a tough act to follow.

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  • UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson goes 2-1 at jiu-jitsu tournament


    UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson will fight Gilbert Melendez on April 20, but he took on other competitors over the weekend. Henderson competed in the 2013 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships. He won his first two matches, but lost 8-0 to Jaime Soares Canuto.

    Henderson, a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, decided to do the tournament for fun. It wasn't a break from training for the bout with Melendez. Henderson's coach said he did six rounds of MMA sparring on Saturday before competing on Sunday. Instead, it was just a little bit of competition.

    He tweeted about the tournament:

    What are your thoughts on Henderson competing just weeks before his fight? Speak up in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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  • Georges St-Pierre cast in the next ‘Captain America’

    The last time we saw UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, he was defending his belt against Nick Diaz at UFC 158. But now you'll get to see him outside the cage, as he was just cast in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." GSP will play Batroc the Leaper, a French mercenary and kickboxer with a penchant for kicking Captain America.

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    GSP is the perfect fit. He's French-Canadian, and French was his first language. As for the kicking:

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  • (Getty)UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung has a fight with Ricardo Lamas coming up in July. The fight will likely have title implications, and will give "The Korean Zombie" a chance to prove he belongs at the top of the UFC's 145-lb. class. But the upcoming fight didn't keep Jung from speaking up to one of the UFC's biggest stars.

    Jung posted a letter on his Facebook page to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre about the Rising Sun symbol GSP wore to his fight with Nick Diaz.

    Dear Mr. Georges St. Pierre
    Hi, My name is Chan Sung Jung from South Korea. As one of many Koreans who like you as an incredible athlete, I feel like I should tell you that many Korean fans, including myself, were shocked to see you in your gi designed after the Japanese 'Rising Sun Flag'. For Asians, this flag is a symbol of war crimes, much like the German Hakenkreuzflagge. Did you know that? I hope not.

    Just like Nazis, the Japanese also committed atrocities under the name of 'Militarism'. You can easily learn what they've done by googling (please do), although it's only the tiny tip of an enormous iceberg.

    Furthermore, the Japanese Government never gave a sincere apology, and still to this day, so many victims are dying in pain, heartbroken, without being compensated. But many westerners like to wear clothes designed after the symbol under which so many war crimes and so much tragedy happened, which is ridiculous.

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    Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

    At the World Series of Fighting's second show on Saturday, one-time UFC welterweight won over one-time UFC heavyweight champ Andrei Arlovski. As seen in the highlights above, Johnson had Arlovski hobbled at the end of the first round, but Arlovski was saved by the bell. Arlovski's jaw was reportedly broken in the bout that was Johnson's first fight at heavyweight.

    As a welterweight who was bigger than other 170 lbers in the UFC, he struggled with his weight cut and missed weight three times. He moved to light heavyweight last August, and now won his heavyweight debut.

    In other WSOF action, Marlon Moraes won his fourth straight by knocking out Tyson Nam with a headkick. Paulo Filho, the troubled one-time WEC champ, dropped a decision to Dave Branch.

    Josh Burkman knocked out Aaron Simpson in the first round. After the fight, he said the win earned him a title shot, but questioned if one-time UFC title contender Jon Fitch had earned the WSOF title shot against him.

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  • Check out this crazy knockout video

    There are plenty of fun ways to cause a knockout. Throw a front kick, as Anderson Silva did to Vitor Belfort. Use a series of punches, like Antonio Silva did to Alistair Overeem. Perhaps use a big overhand punch, like Dan Henderson has done many times. Or you could do an amazing, acrobatic kick, like the young man in this karate video from Russia did.

  • Charles Rowan, Rosalinda Marinez and MIchael Bowman were all arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault with intent to murder. (Gladwin County Sheriff)

    We're not experts on faking our own death, but it would seem you might want to avoid getting arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault with intent to murder less than a month after pulling off your ruse.

    That challenge, however, was apparently too much for Charles Rowan. The 25-year-old MMA fighter from Michigan was recently hauled in by police after they alleged he robbed a store named "Guns and Stuff" with his girlfriend Rosalinda Martinez and friend Michael Bowman.

    Seeing Rowan's mug shot on the news came as a surprise to his promoters Christo Piliafas and Scott DiPonio. Both say they had been told by Martinez and Bowman in late February that the amateur heavyweight had died in a car accident and that they had helped raise over $1,000 for his funeral costs.

    From the Associated Press:

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  • Lavar Johnson had a bad week. (Getty)It's been a slow week for MMA, but that doesn't mean there haven't been plenty of things for us to talk about. Here's a closer look at who is hot and who is not.

    Hot — Bellator: There are few things fans love more than a fight card filled with finishes. Fans should be enthralled with Bellator's card this week, as nine fights were finished. Eight were in the first round. Bellator's only worry should be how to follow up such a performance for next week.

    Not — Lavar Johnson: By now, every fighter on the UFC roster knows that the UFC is looking to trim their numbers. They have to walk the line to keep a job, and Johnson did not do that. He lost his last two fights, and then failed his UFC 157 drug test. Not surprisingly, the UFC cut him.

    Hot — Marijuana: Well, kinda. Though laws on marijuana use are loosening up across the country, state athletic commissions still test for it for fights. Recognizing the change, UFC vice president Marc Ratner asked the Nevada Athletic Commission to change the way it looks at positive tests for marijuana.

    Not — Dan Hardy: He called out Matt Brown, and the two were set for a bout at UFC on Fox 7. However, injury forced Hardy off the card, and Jordan Mein is stepping in to face Brown. Mein is fresh off of a win over Dan Miller.

    Still taking temperature — World Series of Fighting: The new promotion's second show is Saturday night on NBC Sports Network. Will people tune in to Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony Johnson over college basketball and wrestling? We'll find out.

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