• Anderson Silva shows off ‘superpowers’ in latest Fox ad

    Anderson Silva, the still-reigning king of the pound-for-pound rankings, showed off how he really likes to punch things in the latest ad for Fox. Like the Jon Jones ad before it, this ad shows Silva is "just a normal guy," except not at all. Judging by the aftermath Silva's punches left in his neighborhood, Chael Sonnen should be concerned about what he will look like after their bout on June 23.

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  • Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen rematch is on for June in Brazil

    Silva and Sonnen will fight again in June (Getty)After months of rumors, the UFC finally confirmed that it will head back to Brazil in June. At Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Anderson Silva will rematch with Chael Sonnen for the UFC middleweight belt. After a season of coaching of the first Brazilian "The Ultimate Fighter," Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort will fight. To the press release:

    "This will be the biggest sporting event of the year," said UFC president Dana White.  "Bigger than the NFL, the NBA, you name it - UFC 147 will be the biggest.  The whole world wants to see this fight between Silva and Sonnen.  We are broadcast in over 150 countries in 22 languages in half a billion homes.  Wherever those fans are, they are going to be watching this fight."

    Don't anybody tell White, but this is an Olympic year. One fight card in Brazil will not surpass even the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics, but it's a nice goal. Joao Havelange holds 46,931 for a soccer match, but presumably, floor seats will help the UFC break its record of 55,000 set at UFC 129 in Toronto.

    Regardless of how many people tune in or turn out for the fights, this rematch will be fun. The last time the two fought, Sonnen beat up Silva for 4 1/2 rounds. Three minutes into the final round, Silva used a triangle armbar to submit Sonnen. Since then, animosity between the two has reached epic levels. Sonnen still refuses to admit that he lost to Silva.

    Though it's still March, the buildup for this fight should border on insane. Before we get lost in the insanity, how do you see this fight going down? Tell us in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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  • (UFC)

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda a signed pair of UFC gloves before they started free trade talks this weekend. Noda is a big fan of Georges St. Pierre, and Harper was happy to share memorabilia signed by Canada's greatest export.

  • Welcome to another edition of weekend warriors, your rundown of what happened while you were watching the state of Kentucky break out in a war over a round, orange ball.

    Bellator got to its lightweight final four. Watch the recap video above of Lloyd Woodard's fantastic win over Patricky Freire. (Seriously. It's worth your seven minutes.) Rick Hawn, an Olympic judo player, showed off striking skills with a TKO halfway through the first round. Brent Weedman advanced to the semifinals with a second-round submission of J.J. Ambrose. Thiago Michel rounds out the field after a split decision win over Rene Nazare.

    TUF Awkwardness

    This week's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" started with last week's awkward fight pick. Since Dominick Cruz's team won the first fight, he had the next fight pick. When given the chance, he picked Justin Lawrence, the no. 1 pick from his own team. But he didn't name an opponent. Instead, Cruz asked Urijah Faber who he wanted to face Lawrence.

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  • Friday night talkback thread: Bellator and two TUFs

    Marcello and Lawrence face off (Getty)

    Another Friday night means more live fights on basic cable for your enjoyment. On MTV2, Bellator 62 will feature the opening round of the lightweight tournament. Patricky "Pitbull" Freire will take on Lloyd Woodard and his awesome mustache, J.J. Ambrose will fight Brent Weedman, Olympian Rick Hawn faces off with Ricardo Tirloni and Thiago Michel will fight Rene Nazare. They are all hoping to win the tournament to get a shot at Bellator lightweight champ Michael Chandler.

    On "The Ultimate Fighter," Justin Lawrence will fight Cristiano Marcello in a battle of two highly-touted fighters. Tune into FX for the live fight.

    This weekend, fight fans can also tune into the debut of the Brazilian version of "The Ultimate Fighter." The show will stream online at at midnight ET.

    Use this post to talk about the weekend's MMA happenings, or go to Cagewriter's Facebook and Twitter page.

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  • Here we go again (Getty)

    With no events on the books until Apr. 14, the UFC has plenty of time to make matches for the spring and summer run of events.

    -- Tito Ortiz will fight Forrest Griffin one more time. In what is expected to be Ortiz's final fight before retiring, the pair will meet up at UFC 148 in Las Vegas on July 7. The two are 1-1 against each other, with Ortiz taking their bout at UFC 59 and Griffin winning at UFC 106. Both were split decisions.

    -- Also at UFC 148, former championship contender Demian Maia will debut at welterweight. He'll make the move down from middleweight and face Dong Hyun-Kim.


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  • Knockout of the week part II: Dennis Siver’s spinning back kick

    MMA judges do not award points for originality, and wins are still wins whether they happen with style or not. But that doesn't mean MMA fans won't appreciate a knockout with a little flair from time to time.

    Dennis Siver brought that panache to his fight with Nate Mohr at UFC 93. He took him out with a spinning back kick to the abdomen and following up punches.

    Siver then used the same attack to take out Paul Kelly at UFC 105. Watch Siver's next bout on UFC on Fuel in April.

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  • Eric Prindle wins Bellator tournament title without a fight

    Eric Prindle (Sherdog)Eric Prindle won Bellator's heavyweight tournament, which includes a $100,000 prize and a shot at Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad. Prindle did this without having to step in the cage for a rematch of his final with Thiago Santos.

    How did this happen? In the latest of weird bumps in the road between the two competitors, Santos missed weight by 12 pounds. With Santos so far over the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds, the fight was called off, and Prindle was declared the winner of the tournament.

    Last week, their fight was delayed after Prindle came down with the flu. In November, they

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  • Cagewriter interview: Tyron Woodley planning for Nate Marquardt and beyond

    (Getty Images)It was a typical Wednesday night for Tyron Woodley. After training, he darted between training a woman working hard to get in shape, two teenagers working on their striking skills, conducting an interview with Cagewriter, and keeping an eye on kids' wrestling practice at ATT: Evolution in suburban St. Louis.

    At the same time, it was a far from typical evening. Woodley was waiting to show his new gym to Ricardo Liborio, the head of American Top Team and Woodley's longtime coach. He nervously checked his phone and watched the door.

    Juggling several roles at once is something Woodley is used to doing. He's a fighter for Strikeforce who expects to fight on May 19 against Nate Marquardt for the Strikeforce welterweight belt. He is the father of three boys. He is the founder and head coach at AT: Evolution.

    But on this night? He's a nervous student who can't wait to show off his masterpiece to his teacher.

    Woodley has been talking about building a gym that serves entire families for years. He once even dreamed about the gym he would one day own.

    "When I walk through this door, and I look down the hallway, I see what I saw in my head seven years ago in a dream. I smell the smells I smelled in the dream. I see the people working the way I saw them in a dream. For me, it's something God promised me and it's coming forth. People thought I was crazy, but those people who didn't think I could do it are now left in the back," Woodley said.

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  • (Getty Images)Welcome to another edition of Reader Rants, where your opinions take center stage. Taken from the Cagewriter Facebook page, each rant comes from a Cagereader. If you want to join in, go to Cagewriter's Facebook page, like it, and comment on stories.

    No opponent has yet been named for Jose Aldo's title bout in Calgary. One reader wants to see him try out lightweight instead.

    I'd like to see him test the waters at 155, a la Anderson vs Irvin/Griffin. I think he would be the most likely candidate for a concurrent belt holder. (Jones at HW is ridiculous. He is an awesome, absolutely spectacular fighter, but his frame is not that of a HW.) -- John Wilcox

    Friday night's "The Ultimate Fighter" quick ending also caused a reaction.

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