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    No opponent has yet been named for Jose Aldo's title bout in Calgary. One reader wants to see him try out lightweight instead.

    I'd like to see him test the waters at 155, a la Anderson vs Irvin/Griffin. I think he would be the most likely candidate for a concurrent belt holder. (Jones at HW is ridiculous. He is an awesome, absolutely spectacular fighter, but his frame is not that of a HW.) -- John Wilcox

    Friday night's "The Ultimate Fighter" quick ending also caused a reaction.

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  • BAMMA brings us the most terrifying MMA poster ever

    BAMMA, a British-based promotion, is putting on its ninth show this weekend. The fight card is topped off by veteran Tom Watson taking on Jack Marshawn, an--WHY IS A CLOWN STARING AT ME?


    Colin Fletcher is a lightweight submission specialist with a 7-1 record and a tendency to frighten people and eat their souls. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to attempt to wipe him from my nightmares.

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  • UFC, eh? UFC will head to Canada three times in 2012


    Mark your calendars, Canadian fans. The UFC announced today they will visit the home and native land of welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre three times in the remainder of 2012.

    They will start in Calgary on July 21, where Jose Aldo will fight a yet-to-be-named fighter. After that, it's UFC 152 in Toronto Sept. 22, and UFC 154 in Montreal Nov. 17. St. Pierre, who was present at the press conference, announced the Montreal date.

    GSP also gave an update on his health, saying he is progressing smoothly and is hoping to be back by November.

    "When you get an injury like I have and you're off

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  • Video: Kenny Florian and Georges St. Pierre in epic battle

    While Georges St. Pierre is sidelined by a knee injury and Kenny Florian is retired after a back injury, the competitive spirit in each fighter has not died. They still feel the need to fight, even when it's just a thumb war.

    Update: If the video didn't work for you last time, try again. It's been replaced.

    As a thumb war aficionado, I feel the need to point out that Florian cheated. He pulled away from GSP's hand to apply the finishing move.

    Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball

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  • MMA Marketplace: A tiny championship belt for your little fighter doll

    If one of your MMA dolls, erm, action figures has proven himself to be better than the rest, doesn't he deserve a championship belt? You're in luck. There is an Etsy store that can help you with that.

    When one of your action figures wins the belt, all the other ones will yell, "I want my belt back!" or "I want B.J.'s belt!" They may even get on their knees to beg you for a title shot, but at some point you will have to make hard decisions on which doll gets the next chance to win the title.

    Or, since they cost just $3, you can just buy a belt for every doll.

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  • American Top Team mining NCAA wrestling for talent

    (Getty Images)Though most of the people who set attendance records at the NCAA Division I wrestling championships in St. Louis last week were fans, at least one attendee was there to look for up-and-coming talent. Ricardo Liborio, the leader of American Top Team in Florida, headed to Missouri to find the best athletes who want to make the transition from wrestling to MMA.

    Cagewriter spoke to Liborio, who has worked with such fighters as Thiago Alves and Tyron Woodley, about why he is looking to wrestling to find his next great star.

    "The endpoint is to recruit guys who are done with their careers as a wrestler. Probably senior guys who want to start their MMA career. Some guys are not making it through their careers, the guys who couldn't make the Olympic team. And, we're open. I have some offers for athletes, depending on their caliber of what they can bring to the table. Guys like Bubba [Jenkins], we're recruiting, we're negotiating, and we're willing to invest in them. We're building them from the ground up," Liborio said.

    He said he's been looking to wrestlers for years, but attended the NCAA championships for the first time last year. There, he watched Arizona State's Bubba Jenkins win a national title. Not long after, Jenkins joined ATT, where he's won both of his fights with a submission.

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  • Knockout of the week: Rashad Evans shows his kicking game

    The knockout of the week goes back to 2007, when Rashad Evans was still a rising prospect. His game was still so raw that he hadn't shown much in the kicking department. Unfortunately for Sean Salmon, Evans pulled out a head kick at the exact right time.

    Five years later, Evans will get another shot at the UFC light heavyweight belt on April 21 against Jon Jones. Will he be able to pull out another knockout? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Five NCAA wrestling All-Americans we hope try MMA

    David Taylor takes down Brandon Hatchett (Getty)MMA's ties with NCAA wrestling were evident on Saturday, as Randy Couture, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley presented awards and several other fighters were in the stands cheering on the wrestlers. The mats were filled with future fighters. Not all have professed an interest in making the jump to MMA, but here are the ones I hope will make the jump at some point, whether it's as soon as they graduate or after making a run towards Olympic gold.

    Kyle Dake, Cornell -- Because even though he already has three national titles under his belt, Dake is still growing and getting better. He has jumped a weight class every year, and dominated every new weight. Rumor has it that Dake is headed to medical school, so cagefighting probably isn't in his future. It's still fun to dream, right?

    David Taylor, Penn State -- The sophomore pinned his way to the finals, then finished off his Most Outstanding Wrestler award-winning performance with a technical fall. His smooth takedowns had opponents on the ground before they knew what happened.

    Tony Ramos, Iowa -- Another sophomore, Ramos won his third-place match by coming from out of nowhere to pin Minnesota's Chris Dardanes. At 133 lbs, his size and speed could find a home a fly or bantamweight.

    Jordan Oliver, Oklahoma State -- He may have lost his final on a controversial call, but that doesn't take away the junior's accomplishments in the tournament. He pinned his way to the final with a nasty takedown that could wreak havoc in the cage.

    Christopher Honeycutt, Edinboro -- The runner-up at 197 lbs. has already indicated his plans to go into MMA, and opponents will have a hard time dealing with his strength and size. He told reporters that he is fascinated by the challenge of mastering so many disciplines of MMA, and won't be the first Fighting Scot to try fighting. Josh Koscheck won a national championship for Edinboro.

    Did I miss anybody? Disagree with these choices? Speak your mind in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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  • At Cage Warriors in Dubai over the weekend, Sheila Gaff knocked out Jennifer Maia in 10 seconds. The catch? Gaff started swinging when Maia had her hand outstretched to touch gloves. Watch it here:

    The first rule of MMA is protect yourself at all times. What Gaff did was not outside the bounds of the rules. Even when Maia had her hand extended, she should have been ready to block any strikes that Gaff sent her way.

    But did Gaff show poor sportsmanship? You tell us your opinion in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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  • (Getty Images)The yentes at Bellator and the UFC spent their weekend putting together fights for your viewing pleasure. Here's a rundown of the latest:

    -- Clay Guida and Gray Maynard will headline a UFC on FX event set for June 22. As the main event, the bout will be scheduled for five rounds. Guida's last fight was a loss to Benson Henderson in November, while Maynard lost a rematch with Frankie Edgar in October.

    -- UFC 148 in July picked up a ton of fights. The Las Vegas card will now feature Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le, Renan Barao and his 31-fight winning streak against Jeff Hoaglund, and Michael Bisping vs. Tim Boetsch.

    -- The Bellator heavyweight final between Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos will go down on Friday. It's a rematch of their November bout that ended in a no contest after Santos kicked Pringle in the groin. The winner will win a shot at Bellator heavyweight champ Cole Konrad and $100,000.

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