UFC 156 picks from Kevin Iole, Maggie Hendricks and Cagereaders like you

Maggie Hendricks

With UFC 156's picks, we didn't receive nearly as many reader entries as we did for UFC 155 and previous cards. Perhaps that's because it's a really tough card to pick. A fighter who has been on the shelf for a year vs. one who is fighting at a whole new weight? A jiu-jitsu whiz against a skilled wrestler? Two heavyweights with heavy, heavy hands? See how we think it will shake out, and a huge thank you to those who did pick.


Kevin Iole - Frankie Edgar TKO5 Jose Aldo: If Edgar gets it into the second half of the fight, his odds of winning increase dramatically. He won't be fazed by the moment and while Aldo is extraordinarily good, so, too, is Edgar. I think he uses his movement and wrestling to control the style and pace of the bout and will then finish a tiring Aldo late.

Maggie Hendricks - Frankie Edgar W5 Jose Aldo: It's been more than a year since we watched Aldo knock out Chad Mendes then celebrate in the arms of Brazilian fans. In that time, Edgar has fought 10 rounds and lost two close decisions to Benson Henderson. At this weight, Edgar should show how strong his cardio is and outlast Aldo.

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Cagereader - Aldo hasn't lost in 7 years which says a lot right there. He is nearly invincible at Featherweight. Frankie is coming off of two very close fights with Ben Henderson. Many thought that he could have won the second fight. Moving down is a great choice though. This fight will be a back and forth war on the feet and the ground. Edgar will be able to get Aldo down but not for very long. This will stay mostly standing. I see Edgar's cardio being the main factor in this fight in the later rounds and he will take a Decision to become the new Featherweight Champion. -- Jackson Torres


Kevin Iole — Rashad Evans TKO2 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: Evans is by far the better fighter and he has a lot at stake. I think you'll see him put on a show so that UFC executives have to give him serious consideration for a match later this year with Anderson Silva for the middleweight title.

Maggie Hendricks — Rashad Evans W3 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: In his last three fights, Little Nog has a win over Tito Ortiz and losses to Ryan Bader and Phil Davis. Wrestlers give him trouble, and Evans knows how to use his wrestling to win fights.

Cagereader - I think Little Nog vs Rashad Evans will be a great fight. Evans has good power in his hands and great wrestling. Little Nog has top notch boxing and (obviously) great jiu jitsu. I like Little Nog to win because he is a bit more patient than Rashad. I think Little Nog will be able to set up better punches instead of going for the KO in one shot and if/when they go to the ground I don't think Little Nog will be too flustered by Rashad's top game. -- Garrett Griffin


Kevin Iole — Alistair Overeem TKO1 Antonio Silva: Overeem's striking is on another level and whether it is with the fists, elbows, knees or kicks, Silva is going to be taking a lot of abuse.

Maggie Hendricks —Alistair Overeem TKO 1 Antonio Silva: Silva couldn't handle Cain Velasquez's fists. Overeem shouldn't have a problem winning this fight and getting the next heavyweight title shot.

Cagereader — The Reem is a monster (naturally or not) but not just in the "muscles upon muscles" sense of the word. He moves forward with good defense and absolutely devastating offense. I can't remember the last time I've seen this current iteration of Overeem in trouble. Bigfoot's only hope is a takedown and submission or ground-and-pound, but does anyone see that realistically happening? It's a fight and anything can happen, and by anything I mean Overeem walking through Silva on his way to a title shot. - John Wilcox


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Kevin Iole — Jon Fitch W3 Demian Maia: I know Fitch is going to want to end this fight early, but I don't think he'll able to able to. I think he'll abuse Maia and use his wrestling to grind it out, but I doubt he'll be able to submit Maia and Maia is durable enough to withstand his striking.

Maggie Hendricks — Jon Fitch W3 Demian Maia: Maia has struggled against wrestlers like Fitch, with his last two losses going to Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz. Even at this lighter weight, it's unlikely he can neutralize Fitch's brand of grinding wrestling.


Kevin Iole — Joseph Benavidez W3 Ian McCall: Uncle Creepy may look a little creepy after Joe B gets through belting him in the face. This is a very good fight, but I think Benavidez has more weapons and wins a solid decision.

Maggie Hendricks — Joseph Benavidez TKO2 Ian McCa;;: Both fighters are looking to rebound from losses to Demetrious Johnson, the flyweight champ. Benavidez's striking should stop McCall.

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