Does this picture prove Lewis Hamilton feud is finally over?


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Rosberg and Hamilton (Mercedes F1 Twitter)

Has the very public feud between Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg finally begun to cool?

Hamilton crashed an otherwise standard, sensible snap of the German Formula One driver flanked by two female fans.

Described in rather cringeworthy fashion by the team as the "best... photobomb... EVER!!!" Hamilton and Rosberg at last appear to be enjoying each other's company.

In the light-hearted gesture, the Brit also prompted the rather awful hashtag '#TheMotREALdeal' as a result of the now famous photobomb.

The Mercedes men have not always seen eye-to-eye, and frankly that's an understatement. It has been a hugely successful season for the team on the track, but off it relations have been less than harmonious.

It comes as a real U-turn in the pair's turbulent relationship with the title-chasing team, with Hamilton having said as recently as the Grand Prix in Monaco that him and Rosberg were 'not friends'.

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Prior to that, Hamilton was left furious with his team-mate after Rosberg scuppered his chance of a crucial final qualifying lap at Monaco by stopping just off the track.

Rosberg claimed it was accidental as a result of braking too late; Hamilton, meanwhile, suggested that it had been done intentionally.

The pair's friendship goes back as far as their childhood days in karting, but the intensity of a championship battle with Mercedes clearly having the best car seems set to continue to cause divisions.

In his column with the BBC, Hamilton has attempted to set the record straight after his 'not friends' comments regarding his relationship with Rosberg.

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"Of course, all the best F1 drivers don't like losing," he told the BBC. "That's a fact. We're all here to win and people know I can't lie and pretend to be happy when I've come up short. I want to win, pure and simple.

"In these moments, in the heat and noise of the battle, you can forget the bigger picture and with me I always feel better after I've slept on it. The next morning I get up and everything is still there outside my window.

"I looked back and studied what had happened and then I took the initiative and called Nico and we buried it," he added. "Friendship is actually really important to me. I have a few friends away from the track, regular guys who I've known for years and who keep me grounded and sane.

"It's at times like these, when things are moving fast and when you're fired up and emotional that you need your friends. It's a really good feeling to know that they're always there for you."

So it seems that all is back on track for Rosberg and Hamilton in their topsy-turvy dealings at Mercedes: now the team and fans will have to hope that the collective success on the track converts to a long-term amicable relationship.

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