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Cameras have been mounted on F1 cars for many years now, and the huge advances in technology over that time has meant that the problems of picture quality and vibration have long since been solved.

But one thing that the footage has never really managed to convey is the true impression of speed. The limited angle of cameras, the resulting altered perspective, and the fact that all the cars are racing round the track at the same speed means that the car-mounted cameras in F1 don't make them look all that much faster than the banger racing down at your local track.

But as anyone who has ever gone quickly enough to scare themselves in a car will tell you (ahem, on holiday in Germany or at a track day, obviously), anything over 100mph quickly gets fairly terrifying - and this new video goes some way to giving a true idea of what those speeds are like.

Mercedes star Nico Rosberg - winner of the season-opening Grand Prix in Melbourne last week - had a 360-degree camera attached to his Merc for a testing and filming session at Silverstone a few days ago.

Being able to see in all directions at once gives the clip a very odd feeling - but it makes it far, far easier to see the world rushing by. The speed at which the bridges over the Northamptonshire circuit whoosh into the background is quite incredible.

It's worth sticking with the video for a while, incidentally - Rosberg takes it fairly easy on his out-lap, but really picks up the pace on his second time round. Great stuff.

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F1 on-board footage from 360-degree camera

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