Hamilton makes rash promise over intense Rosberg feud


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It is fair to say that Lewis Hamilton’s relationship with team-mate Nico Rosberg has been tested after a series of altercations throughout their battle for the Formula One championship.

In fact, it would not be too far a stretch to say that it is at breaking point after their collision at Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix.

Hamilton was so incensed after their coming together on lap two that he accused Rosberg of deliberately hitting him.

The Brit told reporters that the championship leader, whose car's front wing clipped Hamilton's rear tyre in a failed attempt to overtake, had done it on purpose.

"We just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on purpose. He said he did it on purpose," said the Briton in the wake of the crash.

"He said he could have avoided it. He said 'I did it to prove a point'.

"He basically said 'I did it to prove a point'. And you don't have to just rely on me, go and ask (Mercedes team bosses) Toto (Wolff) and Paddy (Lowe) who are not happy with him as well," said Hamilton.

"I was gobsmacked when I was listening to the meeting. You need to ask him what point he was trying to make."


Rosberg, however, told reporters that the collision was a racing incident.

"We had a discussion, as is important after such circumstances, because obviously what happened cost the team a lot of points," he said.

"That is the main focus and the biggest issue with such a happening as today.

"Unfortunately, I'm not going to go into any details, that wouldn't be the right thing to do. We need to review and discuss how we move forward."

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It would therefore, in Motorhead’s opinion, be understandable – but certainly not advisable - if Hamilton *considered* seeking some form of retribution.

However, 29-year-old Hamilton has gone on record as saying that there will be no retaliation, but can we really believe that for a second?

"I will always put the team first and I won't take anything into my own hands," Hamilton said.

"The weekend was damaging. I don't know how I'm going to get back those 29 points, but what I do know is I've a great group of people behind me.

"The poor guys on my side of the garage have had quite a lot of bad races."

This came after the FIA had confirmed that there would no further action over the crash.

Is it overly cynical of Motorhead to believe that this is a rash and unnecessary promise for Hamilton to be making given all that has passed between the pair and all that surely lies ahead?

Can Hamilton for a second make a promise like this when the blood and thunder of intense racing brings out a very different side in both Mercedes drivers in the heat of battle?

What do you think? Post your views and comments below...

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