Massa blames Magnussen for nasty crash in Germany


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Felipe Massa has blamed Formula One rival Kevin Magnussen for causing their first corner crash which looked very alarming at the German Grand Prix.

Massa was flicked upside down after clashing with Magnussen's McLaren as they battled for position at the first corner.

Although the race stewards decided that neither driver had done anything wrong, Massa had no doubt that Magnussen could have avoided the crash.

The crash (shown below) was very troubling to watch with Massa's car flipped over and forced to skid along upside down.



"I was in front, I was doing the corner in front of him," said Massa. "If anyone needs to watch, it is the car behind.

"I didn't see yet the accident [on television], but normally the car behind has to brake.

"At that the corner you cannot have three cars side-by-side, and I backed off a bit to not be side-by-side with my team-mate.

"It is normally a guy who comes from GP2 who causes this accident...."

Massa suffered no injuries in the crash, which comes just a fortnight after he was forced out of the British Grand Prix on the opening lap after a crash with Kimi Raikkonen.

"It was a bit more scary watching than being inside" he explained. "I am fine. I didn't have any impact.

"The only thing is I am so disappointed with what happened - another race where a car put me out. So I am really disappointed."


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