Racing driver’s miraculous escape as car turns into fireball


Motor racing driver Michael Stofflet walked away from one of the most terrifying crashes ever caught on camera.

Stofflet was taking part in a dirt track race at Mahoning Valley Speedway in Pennsylvania when his car flipped on to its roof after a collision with another competitor.

Immediately it was clear that this was no ordinary crash: something ruptured one of the fuel lines, and fuel quickly began pouring out of the engine and rolling into the car.

The race was halted immediately, and stewards rushed to get Stofflet out of his car - but they were unable to turn it over quickly, leaving the driver helpless and terrified as fuel began to pool around him.

With what appeared to be horrifying inevitably, disaster struck. As the car was lifted off the track the combination of airflow and residual heat from the engine ignited the fuel, and in less than two seconds the car had turned into a blazing fireball with its occupant still strapped inside.

The brave stewards carried on flipping the car the right way round before diving for safety, however, giving Stoffert a chance to scramble his way out of the vehicle as the flames engulfed him.

Incredibly he came through essentially unscathed, despite the fact that he was not wearing a fireproof headsock beneath his helmet.

"Thanks everyone for your concern," Stofflet wrote on the internet after he posted the video online. "I'm doing well, just my neck is a little stiff."

Perhaps even more incredible than his survival is what happened next: Stofflet and his team managed to get his car back to the pits, fix the damage, and take part in the race when it was restarted.

He finished fifth!

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