Can you spot what very cheeky driver is about to do?


Driver is very cheeky in disrupting rival's race

It can be very easy to underestimate the impact of tactics and gamesmanship in top-level racing, particularly if you are not a motorhead.

But this very entertaining video from the 5Club MX5 Cup at the Silverstone International demonstrates the lengths that drivers can end up going to in order to get even a slight advantage over their rivals.

In this case, the advantage is more than slight for one driver as he very sneakily disrupts his rival's race entirely with a cheeky intervention.

He drives up close to a rival racer who's attempting to pass him and very casually flicks his near wing mirror so that it is out of action.

It may seem like a very innocuous and fun prank, but it is actually potentially much more serious.

Without having the ability to look to the left-hand side of his car, the driver whose wing mirror had been flicked would have been essentially left helpless in terms of ensuring his own safety, and by extension, of his rivals.

So while it was a funny incident to watch occur in a race, the consequences could have been more serious.

Motorhead does not condone the actions of the cheeky driver in question, but it does confess finding the whole thing pretty funny and original.

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What do you think: was it potentially dangerous and unsportsmanlike or just cheeky and amusing? Post your views below...

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