Stevie Johnson thinks North Korea should target the home of the New England Patriots first

Kevin Kaduk
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Is Stevie Johnson a secret agent doing reconnaissance work in the United States for everyone's least favorite hermit kingdom, North Korea? Judging from a quick glance at the replies on his Twitter page, it would appear many think so.

The always-outspoken Buffalo Bills wide receiver ruffled a few feathers in New England on Wednesday night when he started talking about North Korea's escalating nuclear threats toward the United States and other world powers. But if Kim Jong Un and his pals won't "chill out," Johnson said, there's one spot he wouldn't miss if it was targeted.

That place? Foxboro, Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots and a location where the Bills haven't recorded a victory since November 5, 2000.

Here are Johnson's tweets:

Patriots fans, understandably, didn't take too kindly to Johnson's remarks. It wasn't a very nice thing to say and no one wants to picture Gillette Stadium as a hole in the ground with Kim Jong Un playing the role of Bane.

The rest of the league probably doesn't want to picture it either. Who knows what all that radiation might do to Bill Belichick? How large would his ego and coaching prowess be? Do they even make sleeveless hoodies that big? Nope, not a road we want to go down.

So, yeah, Johnson's joke was in bad taste. But given that most American citizens aren't taking North Korea very seriously, how can you fault a wide receiver for doing the same thing?

Plus, it's not as if Kim Jong Un and his staff are going to listen to anything Johnson says. (We all know that role is reserved for Dennis Rodman.)

After taking a lot of criticism, Johnson later backed off with this tweet.

So long as we're all still here, of course.

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