Hockey game becomes Norwegian rodeo as player rides opponent (Video)

Hockey games can offer their share of compromising positions between players. Such was the case in a game in Norway between Sparta Sarpsborg and Storhamar Dragons this week.

Storhamar’s Nathan Martz, who played at the Univ. of New Hampshire from 2000-04, fell down while pursing the puck in the offensive zone. Sparta’s Erlend Lesund had his leg briefly pinned under Martz, but then both recovered in an odd position: Lesund straddling Martz as he was on all fours on the ice.

What happened next? RIDE’EM, NORWEGIAN COWBOY!

Seriously, we were about three seconds away from Martz being bridled ...

Martz understandably was looking for a holding penalty during that horseplay, but the referee said “nay.”

But look at Lesund’s arms! They were totally not holding him. His groin? OK, fair point, but show us that in the Norwegian League rulebook.

In a related story, Lesund and Martz are officially Norway’s entry in the 2016 Olympic equestrian event. Those jerseys will be nifty regalia for the dressage competition.

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