Shanaban coming for Predators’ Clune after high, late hit on Artem Anisimov? (VIDEO)

If you're looking for evidence that Artem Anisimov got hit in the head, I direct your attention to the stream of blood pouring from a cut next to his eye.

Richard Clune of the Nashville Predators received a five-minute major for interference and a game misconduct for being on the other end of this collision, which occurred midway through the first period in the Predators' 5-2 walloping of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

There's no question it's a headshot. It may even be two. It's tough to tell from the replay, but the in-game announcers suggest that it was Clune's helmet that connected with Anisimov's face for the rare double headshot. Have a look for yourself:

If it's not Clune's head, it's his elbow or it's his forearm, and regardless of what part of his body it happens to be, the fact that it left Anisimov bleeding from the head is a bit of a smoking gun.

Working in Clune's favour: Anisimov wasn't hurt on the play (apart from the bleedy head). He remained in the game and even scored Columbus's second goal.

Working against Clune: it's a late hit, it's undoubtedly a high hit, and it may even be a leaping hit.

The angles we have available leave it somewhat inconclusive as to whether Clune left his feet to make contact. It looks as though he did, and he definitely elevated to Anisimov's head in a Lupul-esque fashion.

If the Department of Player Safety deems this one worthy of supplemental discipline, and I think they will, I'd expect to see a new angle on this collision, as well as a spotlight on Clune's skates in relation to the ice at the moment of impact.

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