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Japan player fails spectacularly with ‘swan dive’ gaffe

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Coaches absolutely hate it when players show off, particularly when a try is theirs for the taking.

So it is very unlikely that Japan's Kosuke Hashino got away with this humiliating failed 'swan dive' as he cruised over for what should have been a simple try.

Made famous by England winger Chris Ashton, the showboat celebration of a try is controversial in that everyone has been waiting for someone to cock it up.

Indeed, coaches have reportedly pleaded with Ashton to do away with the celebration time and again with the back ignoring their attempts to halt his showmanship.

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As a remarkably arrogant way to coast in for five points, it leaves opponents and coaching staff from both teams angry every time.

When a player makes a total hash of it, like Hashino, they are there to be publicly castigated.

Wanting to end the match against Italy in style in his side's Hong Kong Sevens campaign , Hashino lost control of the ball entirely as he dived over the line in exuberant fashion.

Fortunately for him, Japan already had a 26-5 lead and the final whistle brought an abrupt end to his nightmare as he swiftly left the field.

Well, Kosuke, we all saw this coming - we can't say we have much sympathy with you.

Frankly, his face says it all.

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