Patrick Mouratoglou

  • Federer in trouble

    The elimination of Roger Federer was the only upset registered after Wimbledon men's
    quarterfinals. But what an upset!

    With seven consecutive finals - which shows how he used to dominate on grass - the fall of Federer comes as a real shock.

    This major setback confirms the man from Switzerland is having issues with his game.

    He has been having them since the start of 2010.

    Remember Roger has not won any singles title, except of course the Australian Open
    last January.

    On Monday he will be ranked world number three.

    This match could be seen as the one which illustrated the state of mind of

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  • Murray capable of usurping Nadal

    Most of the
    time, when a player is confronted by Rafael Nadal, it appears to me as if he
    has no strategy and as if he's not giving his all to succeed.

    It's like
    he already knows he's going to lose, is resigned to defeat and, worst of all, is
    helping Nadal's best abilities to shine through.

    But even if
    very few of his opponents seem to believe it, Nadal isn't unbeatable and it
    annoys me to see the behaviour of his opponents.

    He's still
    a human being, with strengths and weaknesses. He's not forever immune from a
    bad day either. Don't get me wrong; I'm fully aware of Nadal's great abilities

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  • Roger Federer back in business

    I am convinced that Roger Federer is back in business.

    Some may think I'm rushing into this conclusion, but I have seen vital signs which prove, in my opinion, that the champion we all love has returned.

    I'm not going to predict that he will win every match he plays, but I am convinced he has rediscovered his motivation, something lacking over the past year. 

    And as such he becomes one of my favorites to win the US Open.

    Against Tomas Berdych in the Toronto semi-finals, Roger chose to attack from the first point of the match. He was hitting the ball with conviction, adding speed to the

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  • Two great Champions for an exceptional decade

    On the eve of the upcoming US Open I find it interesting to focus on the absolute domination of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer over the last ten years.
    These two great champions have printed their name on the history books.
    It is also the moment to analyze their real chances to win at Flushing Meadows, which will start in a few days.

    Two players have written tennis's history over the last five years.

    If we take a closer look at the history of tennis, we can notice only one, or two players have dominated a decade of tennis.
    In the 70's it was Jimmy Connors and Bjorn Borg who were on top of the

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  • Ana Ivanovic is shining again

    I've really enjoyed watching Ana Ivanovic's wins in the opening rounds of the US Open.

    Knowing how much the young Serb has struggled lately, I'm sure she's deeply enjoying the rediscovery of the style of play that previously led her to the number one ranking spot.

    But we mustn't get too enthusiastic too soon. Ana is still recovering; she's got a long way to go, considering how much her game has suffered over the past couple of years.

    Two years of doubts have seen her fall from number one to 80 in the rankings.

    But, more than that, it was the loss of her automatic game and confidence that led

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  • Nadal and the US Open: the reasons for failure

    The US Open is curiously the only Grand Slam title the Spaniard has failed to capture. "Curiously" because if one was to choose a title to evade Nadal it would most likely be Wimbledon, primarily due to the dominance of Roger Federer on the turf, but also because the surface could, at first glance, be completely unsuitable to his style of play.
    However this great champion found the technical solutions and tactics to impose himself there when nobody expected, after making London his priority.
    The US Open continues to resist his advances. Here we analyze the reasons for, what can be called up

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  • Why Wozniacki can win in New York

    I've always been enthralled by the power of trends in the tennis world. Players have such a gift for copying each other at every level.

    I signed a representation deal with Caroline Wozniacki when she was 10 years old. I negotiated contracts for her when she was 13 or 14.

    During this period, the Williams sisters' domination was at its greatest. They had consigned Martina Hingis to the history books and everybody agreed that in the future, if a player did not have such power, it would be impossible to get to the No.1 spot.

    A little woman called Justine Henin then proved that to be nonsense by

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  • Top seeds living up to favourites tags

    Heading into the second week of the US Open, it's a good time to look back on what's happened during a busy first week.

    The outside bets to lift the trophy have, once again, been disappointing.

    Tomas Berdych and Marcos Baghdatis both went out in the first round. David Nalbandian, Andy Murray and Mardy Fish lasted a bit longer but eventually reached their limits.

    And so once again Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer seem to be on course with Novak Djokovic and Robin Soderling as their main opponents.

    When it comes to winning a Grand Slam, there's no improvising.

    Both Baghdatis and Nalbandian are

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  • Skills the great players need

    Last week I started looking at the incredible diversity that exists in the game of tennis and running through the different aspects of the game.

    Some players possess qualities that are way above average and it is interesting to take a look at the main aspects of the game and the players that best demonstrate such tactics.

    And here I will continue to look at those features and single out my favourite three players that embody that skill.

    6. The best game mixers

    1. Roger Federer

    2. Olivier Rochus

    3. Marin Cilic

    These players know how to play the ball a number of different ways so they never

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  • What makes a great player?

    Diversity is what makes tennis so special -
    different surfaces, different balls and changeable weather conditions support
    the variety factor. Not to mention the wide mixture of games.

    Even if there are very few serve and volley
    players in the modern era, many players possess their own assets. Technique,
    shot selection, game phases and tactics are what build players.

    Each player makes their shot selections in
    order to use their best assets to target their opponent's weaknesses.

    My job is to use all this information to
    build a plan highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of my player's

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