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Novak Djokovic celebrates his Miami Masters title win

Following Novak Djokovic's US tour, on which he lost in Indian Wells but won the title in Miami, it's becoming clear just how amazing his feats were last year. Not only his results, but also the way he was dealing with his career.

In 2011, he was under pressure, with his head underwater, for many months but didn't make any mistakes and was focused to such a point that it was impossible to maintain on the long run. Like a Nadal. And I think Rafael Nadal is unique regarding this.

I don't think Djokovic can match Nadal in this respect, but now he's entering another stage of his career, he will try to deal with his opponents by calculating his efforts.

Like Federer, he's now approaching his matches like a boxer. He's sending shots all over the place, punching his opponent as hard as he can in the first set in order to show who the boss is. And so he takes control of the match.

Djokovic is searching for his own way of dealing with matches because he's certainly not able to behave like Nadal from the first to last point. He's trying to find a style which allows him to start in control, keep a break up and then push again at the end of the match.

Federer has been a master of this, Pete Sampras too during the second part of his career. He relied a lot on his serve, making an effort on one return game to win with scores like 6-4 6-4or 6-4 7-5 or 7-6.

Djokovic will have to take inspiration from the likes of Sampras and Federer if he is to deal with his number one ranking and the pressure that comes with it.

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