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Chelsea’s only hope is boring Liverpool to death

Paul Parker

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It looks like the title could come down to the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield but don't expect the type of thrills you got when the Reds faced Manchester City.

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea make hard work of every game because of the style in which they play.

Chelsea put everybody to sleep with their style. They more than grind a game out.

Chelsea are going to have to do something unbelievably boring to win at Liverpool on April 27.

It is the only way they can win it. If they open up, they will be overrun by Brendan Rodgers' side.

Chelsea will visit Anfield with a pistol, but the opposition possess a six-shooter.

That is the difference. Chelsea do not have the same level of flair and pace that Liverpool have in their side.

How are Chelsea going to handle pace from a front five or six that has been causing so many teams so many problems? I don't know. I'm not sure if they can.

They have real pace and energy that Chelsea don't have. When you look at Chelsea's back four, you would say that only Gary Cahill has any significant pace.

You look at teams that have been to Anfield, and then you think of poor old John Terry.

Terry will have to defend on the byline or behind his own goal because he will be too scared of anyone going behind him. He will be so deep, he'll be able to touch the bottom of the Mersey.

But that will suit the plan because Mourinho will have to go there and park the bus. They can't try to play Liverpool at their own game because they don't have the players to compete trying the alternative.

Mourinho only plays one style. That is all he does.

He will try to use that one about Rodgers working for him at Chelsea.

He'll play the old friends act as he does with his old players. He comes out with all that stuff about players getting jobs back at Chelsea.

He did it with Didier Drogba before the Champions League tie with Galatasaray. Was Drogba going to get a job back at Chelsea? Only as a spectator.

He used all that with Galatasaray. He'll be using it with Rodgers.

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That is what he does. It is getting boring, but he'll use that down the line.

That is how Mourinho will go at that game. He can't win it with football. He can only go to Anfield to nullify, park the bus and play negative. It is the Chelsea way.

Play the Chelsea way by stifling the game. And they will try to nick a goal.

If Liverpool get nervous against Chelsea, Chelsea will take advantage of it. They have the experience. Chelsea are more clinical than Manchester City in that department.

Those players have got a system that works for them. They rely on one or two players to score goals. That is what works for them to score a goal.

I think Liverpool will have too much for them, but with Chelsea you never know. They might just bore Liverpool to death.

The four matches standing between Chelsea and Premier League title

Sunderland, Stamford Bridge - April 19

Liverpool, Anfield - April 27

Norwich, Carrow Road - May 4

Cardiff, Stamford Bridge - May 11

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