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Cup romance alive and well

Paul Parker

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Results like Histon's against Leeds
United are what the FA Cup is all about.

It was a fantastic result for the Blue Square Premier League
side and one that proves the famous old competition is very much alive and

They may not be the most attractive side in the competition,
but they play to their strengths and what they do, they do well.

And one thing is sure: their next opponents Swansea City should be worried.

Having to travel to an unknown ground to play unknown
opposition is a nightmare for league sides.

Throw into the mix some inclement January weather and the
result could be disastrous.

To make matters worse for Swansea, Histon are flying high in their own
league - they would probably be top if it were not for their FA Cup run - and
their home form is excellent.

I've watched Histon a bit this season and under Steve Fallon and my old mate John Beck, they have
become a very difficult side to break down. Their game plan rarely changes, but
why change a winning formula?

With the ball they get forward quickly, in behind the
defence and without it, they like to press and squeeze the opposition. Mentally,
they're a strong side and it's no fluke they have reached this stage of the

It's simple but effective, and the Swans could well come
unstuck there.

Histon have nothing to lose yet everything to gain. The
pressure will definitely be on the Championship side and everyone is waiting, almost
hoping, for an upset to happen.

Neutral fans will want to see Histon win - that's the magic
of the FA Cup. And that's why the cameras will be there and why the media will
make the journey to Cambridgeshire.

I was never in a side that was drawn against non-league
opposition during my playing days.

And given the pressure Swansea will be under come three o'clock on January
3, I can safely say that is something I have no regrets about whatsoever.

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