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England’s shambolic trip to Brazil would have been bigger pantomime under Harry Redknapp

Paul Parker

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I notice Harry Redknapp has been offering his opinion on what has gone wrong for England at these World Cup finals.

Harry might well have been the England manager leading the country to Brazil if they had not gone for Roy Hodgson. And that wouldn't have solved any of the issues that need addressing in English football.

England have been an embarrassment – and Roy Hodgson must quit

I'm not a huge fan of Roy Hodgson, but Harry just didn't fit the criteria for the job. Hodgson was a safe pair of hands, a man who proved his worth in various countries such as Finland and then Inter Milan. You could see why the Football Association opted for Roy. Harry was not a viable candidate.

You look at some of the guys who came before Roy, and too many of them simply ended up embarrassing the FA such as Sven-Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren and Fabio Capello.

They were looking for a bit of calm under Roy Hodgson, and he has brought that to the squad without the results at these finals.

There was a gun there, and Harry would have loaded it by firing the bullets. It was too much of a risk appointing a loaded gun. He can't manage in European and world football. Unlike Roy, he hasn't really done much at that level.

Harry has had one season in the Champions League with Spurs, and in theory he failed with that.

Once you get into the Champions League with a club like Tottenham, you have to make sure you get back into the next season. You don't think you can win it. Harry thought he could win the Champions League with Spurs.

I think he got a bit carried away because of one good result against Inter Milan, but the Champions League doesn't work that way.

Harry wasn't the person then and he isn't the man now, because he doesn't play younger players. In the longer term, it is time for the FA to bring young coaches through the system who can get the best out of young players.

You don't appoint a school leaver the CEO of a company so why should some of these former players be allowed to manage club teams because they were a great player?

The Premier League doesn't help the England national side, but it is up to the Football Association to help itself.

Just look at how the Dutch do it. All their great players such as Marco van Basten, Ronald Koeman and Frank Rijkaard have to work with the youth. It hasn't harmed the Dutch.

Coaching coaches properly is an investment for the future. How many good British managers are there in the Premier League?

Veteran footballers should become good young coaches, but they have to go back to basics. You don't play in the Premier League when you leave school.

We have to get away from the mentality that a name is important to manage a club. Look at the way Brendan Rodgers has done it with Raheem Sterling at Liverpool.

Rodgers has worked his way up through the system. There is too much dead wood in that England set-up.

I think Roy Hodgson should go after these finals, but there would be no point going for someone like Harry. There would be nothing to be gained by it.

Paul is in Brazil, and will be offering his expert analysis throughout the tournament.

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