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Mourinho return everything that’s wrong with Chelsea approach

Paul Parker

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The fundamental problem with Jose Mourinho potentially returning to Chelsea is the fact that the club would be falling straight back into the trap of seeking a short-term solution when that is exactly what is not required.

At the beginning of the season it seemed as though the club were going to build on a strong foundation of talented young players with a bright, ambitious, Champions League-winning coach, but all they have done is slip back into their old ways and it is depressing to see.

As a club, Chelsea can often be seen to be pretty incestuous and to live in their own world, and to return to Mourinho's methods of finding quick fixes in expensive, already well established talent would be a potentially very damaging backward step.

There is an old adage in football to 'never go back', and it is for very good reason. Far too often we have seen top managers return to clubs where they have had success, only for their second spells to be an unmitigated disaster. Chelsea are risking an awful lot if they turn back to Jose.

There are far more negatives attached to Mourinho going back to Chelsea than positives, and we should not forget the way he ended his reign at the club with the negativity off the field even surpassing the negativity on it.

Chelsea will return to playing football that is like watching paint dry under the Portuguese, and it will be the end of the free-flowing and exciting play the club produced under Roberto Di Matteo at the start of the campaign.

Roman Abramovich will certainly not hesitate to sack Mourinho again if he doesn't deliver immediately, and it all just leads to greater instability and a higher turnover of players.

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The last thing that Chelsea need right now with a cluster of prodigiously talented youngsters is for a coach like Mourinho to bulldoze his way through the squad, with the help of his super agent Jorge Mendes, seeking short-term success and not caring about the development of the team.

If I was a young player in the Chelsea ranks I would be poised to leave immediately if Mourinho is appointed this summer because his track record speaks volumes for the way that he refuses to nurture and develop young talent, choosing instead to bring in experienced stars who deliver fast results.

There is no way that Mourinho would even be considering the role at Chelsea unless he had been given guarantees from Abramovich about having a vast amount of money to spend, and there will likely be wholesale changes over the summer as a result.

He is not a coach who will look at the young talent in his squad or look to work with the players as individuals - he will simply chat to his representative about bringing in top stars from across Europe, then piece it all together after spending enormous sums of money.

Every time we think Chelsea are moving on and finally understanding that establishing a settled young side under a manager with integrity and positive intentions is the way to go, the club disappoint and return to the negativity and short-sightedness for which they are now associated.

Mourinho should not return to Stamford Bridge, but it is clear why he wants to go back to the club after a failed stint at Real Madrid with his stock lower than before; but Chelsea must not make another huge mistake and come to their senses - quickly.

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