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Norwich CEO David McNally’s massive ego could see Canaries relegated

Paul Parker

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You can't have sentiment in the Premier League. It is a cruel environment. It is survival of the fittest, and if you are soft as a manager you don't survive.

But the behaviour of Norwich City over the past few days is an embarrassment to decency. They have to be very careful what road they are going down.

They are well liked as a club, a community club from one of people's favourite parts of the country.

But suddenly they could get tarred with the same brush as Chelsea and Real Madrid as a club who like sacking managers for the sake of it rather than being friendly and loyal, and not being rushed into decisions.

That is what is going to happen if they allow this CEO David McNally too much flexibility. He is trying to make a name for himself at the expense of the club's reputation.

The Chris Hughton sacking doesn't make any sense. The club have one six-pointer left at Fulham. If they win that, and nick a couple of points before now and the end of the season, they will be fine.

But to sack Hughton at this stage of the season, and put Neil Adams in the job is absurd.

He has suddenly been parachuted into press conferences as the club's new manager, saying this and saying that.

It is unbelievable. Does Neil Adams really need to be doing that? He is going to be going into games against experienced teams and managers when they are all chasing something.

He's got deliver all of a sudden. What are the players thinking? What are the fans thinking? He's come from the youth team. Three years ago he was working in local radio.

He was working on Canary Call. People were coming on the programme being critical of Norwich, and he was trying to placate them while being a bit critical himself of the goings on at Carrow Road.

He suddenly finds himself as the club's manager three years later. But does he really want or need that job?

Does he want the negativity around him? Will he be able to go back to manage the youth team after this is all over?

Managing the Under-18 team at Norwich is a great job because they've always had good youth teams.

Does he really want to be put in this position of having to keep Norwich up? He was quite happy being where he was, learning his trade slowly.

They haven't helped him by putting him in that position. Could he have said no? I very much doubt it because they have a CEO who suffers from a massive ego.

That has not helped the situation. That bloke wants to shout about the manager behind his back and air his personal feelings whenever the mood takes him.

That can't be healthy. The bad news for Norwich is that defeat at Fulham suddenly throws them right into the mix to go down. It could happen.

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