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Ronaldo strop just proves Messi is the best

Paul Parker

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I was disappointed to read Cristiano Ronaldo's attention-grabbing comments about being unhappy at Real Madrid this week, but for me the whole saga demonstrates why he is inferior to Lionel Messi both as a player and as a person.

After refusing to celebrate a goal against Granada Ronaldo told the press he was "sad" due to "professional issues", but then refused to elaborate further and left the juicy issue hanging in the air for the world's media to pounce on. It was a transparent ploy to court attention and pretty pathetic in my opinion.

I think it is all about ego and it is disappointing because Ronaldo is obviously a fantastic footballer - he doesn't need to do this. It is very weak from a player who is trying to become recognised as the best in the world.

Perhaps his frustration stems from the fact that is he is clearly not the world's best. Statistics prove that it is his great rival Messi who is the best player on the globe - and the way the Barcelona forward conducts himself is also exemplary.

He is extraordinarily humble and never speaks out of turn. Messi is the ultimate example of a player who lets his football do the talking, and his football speaks louder than Ronaldo ever could with his comments to the press this week.

So why all the fuss? Ronaldo says that Madrid president Florentino Perez knows why he is unhappy. If that is the case then Perez should come out and enlighten us all. Otherwise this whirlwind of speculation will just run and run.

Is it because people agree that Messi is the best player in the world? Is it because Andres Iniesta won the Best Player in Europe award ahead of him? Is it because the focus is on Real Madrid rather than Ronaldo? Is he unhappy that Mourinho is the star of the show? Or is it because he has contract negotiations on the horizon and wants to make a power play?

It is impossible to know. There are more questions than answers at the moment. What is certain is that it's another footballer who is at the top of the game and wants to capitalise on that by grabbing even more attention.

It is a hell of a scenario to get involved in just days after the close of the transfer window, and Madrid don't need this sort of circus around them. They want to win La Liga in the right way, a humble way, and I think they felt they didn't get enough respect for the manner in which they beat Barcelona to the title last season. Behaviour like this from Ronaldo won't help.

The Madrid officials and the fans want to celebrate great football and great achievements, like Ronaldo's success in scoring 150 goals in 149 games. But can they really enjoy such milestones when the player brings so much negative attention onto the club?

It's unlikely he will leave but, if he does, in theory there are only two clubs who could afford to sign him: PSG and Manchester City. He isn't going to go to France because the profile of French football is not big enough for him, and equally I don't think City would give him the profile he desires.

The only club in England he could come and play for is Manchester United, and there is no way they could afford the transfer fee or wages, which would likely exceed £300,000 a week.

I would like to see him back in England if he behaves himself, but he last thing the Premier League needs is another circus act.

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