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Spoilt brat Rooney needs to be sold before germs spread

Paul Parker

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Wayne Rooney has come down with a serious case of what I call 'Spoilt Brat Syndrome' and it now looks like David Moyes has no option but to sell the player.

The latest reports suggest that the Manchester United players have turned on Rooney and if that is the case then United must get rid of him before the unhappy germs start to spread around the dressing room.

Rooney is like the kid who is upset because he is no longer the best player in the schoolyard.

He became the top dog when Cristiano Ronaldo left a few years ago but then Robin van Persie came along last season and nicked his mantle.

This is one of the reasons that Rooney wants out at Old Trafford but there is no doubt that money is a factor too – this is modern football after all.

There is no way that he is going to swap Manchester United for Chelsea just for a new challenge - he is not going to go to Stamford Bridge for less money.

Rooney's clearly made up his mind he wants out and his agent is not going to try and talk him out of a move because he will be in line to get a big slice of any financial pie too.

I can understand why the current players at Manchester United are getting upset about the situation. They don't want to get involved, they have their own issues.

A lot of these problems could be lessened if Rooney actually came out and spoke about what exactly his issues and problems are but that's not the way things work any more.

Instead the papers get these stories via a friend of a friend or something is leaked on Twitter – this seems to be the easy way to do things but it is also cowardly if you ask me.

The whole situation reflects badly on Manchester United ahead of arguably their biggest season in 26 years as they look to build under a new regime.

From a PR standpoint, this summer has been as bad as I can ever remember it at Manchester United. These type of sagas involving Rooney and Fabregas never used to happen when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge.

There have been some well documented examples in the past where friction has started to appear at the club involving certain big names and then bang, bang, Ferguson has gotten rid of them quickly before it become a big deal.

It seems like the senior players are the ones who are most upset with Rooney and this is significant too as these are the type of players Moyes needs to listen to.

It is bad timing for Manchester United as nothing fresh has come in and there are no signs they are ready to defend their title. I also think there is added reluctance to sell Rooney because it is Chelsea who are in for him.

We don't even know if Jose Mourinho needs or wants Rooney – it could all be games on his part. He may have told Rooney that he would be his number one striker but the way Mourinho plays I'm not sure Rooney fits that bill. Rooney needs to know that in love and in football, the grass isn't always greener.

Mourinho has already said nobody is guaranteed a first-team place and for me Romelu Lukaku is the perfect striker for the Chelsea system. He's the big target man, robust, a workaholic who's willing to go down the channels. He can hold the ball up or flick it on. He can knock people over and he can score goals.

Wayne cannot do all that, his fitness levels have dipped in recent years and I don't feel he can play as a lone striker in the Mourinho style.

From a United point of view though you can't keep trying to calm the situation, fan the flames and hope that Rooney's desire to leave just goes away.

There is no point having a discontent Wayne Rooney around because sooner or later that germ will spread and it will start affecting performances and will be used as an excuse when other things go wrong at the club.

This whole thing would not have happened if Sir Alex was still around; everything now seems to be very public, and they haven't made any big signings. These are all worrying signs for United. David Moyes is already up against it and the season hasn't even started.

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