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Vanity signings won’t help QPR

Paul Parker

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If QPR complete the signings of Loic Remy and Yann M'Vila, it would certainly represent a major transfer coup, but they are not what the club needs right now.

These are two players have not experienced English football before. There's no doubt about their quality, but are they ready for a fight?

M'Vila has question marks about his temperament, having been banned by France for going on a night out in Paris ahead of a big Under-21 match - he might already be an Arsenal player if not for that incident. As for Remy - he'll have to make a big adjustment very quickly.

Are they coming for the right reasons? Both will have get-out clauses in their contracts allowing them to leave if QPR go down. They are guaranteed top dollar while they are here, then just walk away if it doesn't work out.

I would have thought that Tony Fernandes might have learned his lesson. The owner has ploughed tens of millions into buying players for Mark Hughes, and now he is splashing out for Harry.

He seems slightly naive about football, and is getting exploited. If the manager comes to him and says: "This player can keep the club in the Premier League," Fernandes will do as he says.

But the fact is, there's already more than enough talent in the QPR squad - far more than the teams around them have at their disposal.

Their best three players every week are old warhorses like Clint Hill, Ryan Nelsen and Sean Derry. For the rest of the squad it's a problem of effort rather than ability.

The problem is not the players, but the performance they are bringing on to the pitch.

If you liken it to building a house, they need fewer architects and more hod carriers.

Harry Redknapp knows this better than anyone. He publicly criticised Bosingwa refusing to sit on the bench, and said he was amazed that the club agreed to pay him £65,000-a-week.

And now, a couple of weeks later, he is about to hand Remy £70,000-a-week. It's ridiculous.

Of course, Redknapp has been up to his usual trick of telling everyone how impossible the job is.

He has a lot of friends in the media who are happy to accept this version of events, and no doubt he will be hailed as a hero if he does manage to keep them up.

Yet there is no reason why QPR should be in a relegation dog fight.

No side with the likes of Park Ji-Sung, Esteban Granero, Junior Hoilett, Jose Bosingwa and two international goalkeepers should be in the bottom three.

The teams above them - Reading, Aston Villa, Wigan and Southampton - would kill for that sort of quality.

With 16 games to go, QPR are five points from safety. That's just two wins.

The squad is good enough - Redknapp should concentrate on getting the best out of what he already has instead of bringing in more vanity signings.

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