‘Barcelona have signed a bomb’: Spanish view on Suarez


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After confirmation that Luis Suarez is set to join Barcelona from Liverpool, we asked our Spanish office for their thoughts on the biggest deal of the summer.


Jorge Ordas, based in Madrid, supplied the answers...

Are people worried about his track record of biting?

It’s the the biggest concern in Barcelona. They know they have signed one of the best players in the world … but also a bomb. If they can control and prevent his attacks, they will have an amazing player.

Is it a big fee considering he is banned for four months?

He’s banned for four months, yes, but he has signed for five years. It’s a little part of his contract. They have to consider that as an injury. More important is the fact that he can’t train with his new team-mates or visit the stadium during the games.

Do Barcelona now have the greatest attack in the world?

Barca had with Alexis-Neymar-Messi one of the greatest attacks in the world. Now it is different, probably better. Is it the best? Name by name, probably yes, but it doesn’t mean they are the best team. There are some examples in the past with big names and bad performances.

Will this signing make them the top club in Spain again?

Barcelona have been the top club in Spain but they lost that honour last year with an amazing Real Madrid and a very competitive Atletico. The key part of this is the way in which Luis Enrique will manage the squad. That team could be top in Spain with or without Luis Suarez…

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