Club directors ‘order brutal assault of Peruvian footballer for missing penalty’


A Peruvian footballer was allegedly attacked on the orders of his club's directors after missing a penalty in a national cup competition - the Copa Peru - prompting a national scandal in the country.

Martin Dall’Orso was subjected to a brutal assault after his side Unión Fuerza Minera lost 4-3 to in a shootout after a 1-1 draw.

Dall’Orso’s father now claims the club's president had given the go-ahead for the attack with his brother allegedly leading the attack.

He said: "We lost the match and several fans boarded the bus. My son was held at gunpoint and they smashed his head with the butt of the gun. My wife has bruises on her arms and legs.

"The president, Serapio Sucasaire, Omar and Ramiro Sucasaire were the perpetrators of the attack. He commanded them to beat us."

Martin Dall’Orso has appeared on television with blood pouring from his head. He also has several wounds that were aired.

South American football is notorious for some shocking incidents involving football, perhaps most infamously during the 1994 World Cup finals when the Colombian defender Andres Escobar was shot and killed by a drugs cartel linked to gambling syndicates in his homeland.

His crime? Scoring an own goal in a 2-1 loss to the USA that saw Colombia eliminated in the first round.

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