Henrik Larsson’s son follows dad’s footsteps by joining Helsingborg


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Teenager Jordan Larsson is following his father Henrik's footsteps by moving from lower-league Hogaborg to Helsingborg, just as his dad did 22 years ago.

Henrik Larsson made his name at Helsingborg before embarking on a professional career during which he won a host of trophies at Celtic and Barcelona before returning at the end of his career.

Now his 17-year-old son is taking a similar path.
"Helsingborg is a fantastic club, hopefully I can develop into a very good player here, and I believe I can," Jordan Larsson told Helsingborg's website (www.hif.se) on Thursday.

But despite the obvious similarities to his father, his new club is keen to give the teenager the space to develop at his own pace.

"They are two different people and there is no need to put an unnecessary burden on Jordan's shoulders by comparing him to his father," Helsingborg sporting director Jesper Jansson said in a statement.

"Obviously there are similarities in patterns of movement and football intelligence, but let him form his own career."

For Larsson junior, there is no pressure in having a former Golden Boot and European Cup winner as his dad.

"For me he's just a regular dad. Obviously I'm proud of what he has done in football, but for me he'll always be my dad," said Jordan.

"I've heard that some say that we move in the same way and that we're very alike in our playing style, while others say we're not alike at all."

As for the playing style he prefers, Jordan is quick to praise "the way Barcelona play, short passing."

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