Popular Premier League clubs ‘subsidising the rest’


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Cheer up, Liverpool fans. Your side may have missed out on the Premier League title, but your consolation prize is first place in the cash prize standings for 2013/14, according to a new report.

The figures compiled by Sporting Intelligence showed the Reds picked up a mouth-watering £97 million in Premier League payouts, while also highlighting that the top clubs are building finances for the rest.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Spurs all would have earned more cash if it was allocated based on TV viewers alone.

The Reds might have picked up close to £100 million, but they were denied a staggering £74 million due to the Premier League dividing the cash between the clubs rather than paying out big sums to sides making regular TV appearances.

As the report notes:

“Liverpool earned more than City because 28 of their 38 league games were screened live on TV as opposed to only 25 of City’s and TV appearances are one factor considered,” said the report on Sporting Intelligence.

“At the other end of the table, bottom placed Cardiff City earned £62,082,302 for a campaign in which they ended up relegated to the Championship. Astonishingly this was £1.2m more than United pocketed in 2012-13 for winning the title – with the huge increases this season a result of the lucrative new TV deals now in place.”

Each side was awarded a base £52.2 million regardless of finishing position, with extra money awarded for TV games and league position.

It means the great fear of a 23-team Premier League – where the three relegated teams simply bounce back the following season – looks closer to reality as the top-flight finances continue to spiral upwards.

How that will impact on the rest of the Football League, which is already seeing clubs struggle to stay afloat, remains to be seen.

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