Simon Reed

  • Why did Novak Djokovic miss one of the easiest shots you will see in your life when he was match point down to Stanislas Wawrinka in the fifth set on his own serve?

    He is arguably the greatest match-point player tennis has ever seen yet misses the type of shot you would never see him missing. Well now we have.

    It just shows you how sport is fascinating and random. I remember reading an article a few weeks ago about how sport is very random. This is very true. There are some things in life and sport that cannot be explained.

    Djokovic failing to convert match point is just another example of

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  • Extreme heat damaging tournament, not just hurting the players

    Dealing with the often insane weather Down Under is one of the attractions of the Australian Open. Epic battles played out in intense heat are part of its lore.

    But there is intense heat, and then there is what the players have been forced to put up with this week.

    Players have been more vocal than ever about the conditions, with the temperature set to hit 44 celsius on Thursday, and I really think they have a point.

    We are still seeing four and five set matches but they are finishing relatively quickly. Sets are only lasting half an hour because the players are hitting stronger to try and

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  • I was astonished when I heard that Novak Djokovic has hired Boris Becker as his new coach. I don't see why Djokovic needs to change the set-up that he had.

    But he knows what's best for himself, obviously. He's an intelligent man. He wouldn't be making a decision like this unless he knew something that we don't.

    But I can only comment on what I see at face value - and I can't see the need for it.

    He was really picking his game up at the end of last year. After the way he lost to Murray and Rafa Nadal in the Wimbledon and US Open finals I could perhaps have understood if he was looking for

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  • Did the LTA really miss a trick by ‘ignoring’ Kermode?

    The British media have kicked up a stink about the revelation that Chris Kermode was not even on the shortlist for the vacant chief executive position that was filled in September by Canadian Michael Downey.

    Kermode (pictured on the right) is the successful tournament director of both Queen’s and the World Tour Finals, and was appointed ATP executive chairman and president this week, a position that was vacated by the sad death of Brad Drewett from motor neurone disease.

    I know Kermode personally and I must say he is a hugely impressive man. He turned around the fortunes of Queen’s, which was

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  • Roger Federer should stay coachless and just enjoy his tennis

    Roger Federer’s split with coach Paul Annacone was one of the least surprising decisions of the season.

    If I’m surprised about anything it’s that they didn’t end their working relationship earlier. It’s a wonder it lasted this long.

    You wonder why Roger had a coach in the sense that he is such an instinctive, natural player. And how do you tell him what to do?

    My view was that, if Roger is to have a technical coach, it needed to be someone who would challenge him, someone with the personality and gravitas to make big changes to his game.

    Was Annacone, who is a personal friend of Roger’s, the

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  • I am in no way calling for Roger Federer’s retirement, because I believe that if he is still enjoying it he should carry on. And he must be, because he is hardly carrying on for the money or the glory.

    That’s fine – and if it is okay for him that’s great. But we fans are finding it tough to take. I think there is an element of Roger Federer’s fans – and I have to say I belong to that element – who believe he is taking too many punches.

    Should he retire? Only he has the right to tell us that. Is he enjoying it? How long can he cope with being beaten in straight sets by the likes of Tommy

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  • In-form Nadal can break down the Djokovic machine

    As a Brit, obviously it would have been great to see Andy Murray defending his US Open title to the wire in tonight’s Flushing Meadows final. Of course, he wasn’t quite right in Queens after the emotional win at Wimbledon, but either way there is no denying that we have the best possible final.

    Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal will see the 2013 men’s singles title at the US Open decided by the top two players at the moment. I expect it to be an absolutely electric atmosphere, too.

    It’s been a fantastic rivalry over the years and could go either way, but I’m going to nail my colours to the mast

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  • Rafael Nadal’s performances on hard courts this season have been quite extraordinary, quite possibly his best ever.

    He has won back-to-back titles in North America and, overall, his performances on all surfaces since returning from injury imply he is back to his best, with the exception of that blip at Wimbledon.

    And that first-round exit came against a man who will probably never play that well again. Rafa didn’t actually play so badly against Steve Darcis but, for a second time in consecutive years at Wimbledon, he came up against an inspired opponent.

    Rafa has been the most consistent

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  • The end could be near for Roger Federer

    It has not been a great season so far for Roger Federer, that’s for sure.

    Winning Wimbledon last year was big for him because he just was not looking the force he once was, until he pulled off another Grand Slam.

    Now, he’s in that position again. Worse, even.

    He has been beaten this year, time and time again, by players far beneath him in the rankings, and very disappointingly so. These men obviously play out of their boots when they go up against a top opponent, but even so they are huge blows for Fed to take.

    It’s almost cliché now to say that you should never want to write Federer off, but

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  • Murray a deserving champion – but Djokovic blew it

    The British public should thank Juan Martin Del Potro.

    I’m of the belief that, more than anything, Del Potro’s five-set epic with Novak Djokovic exhausted the Serb mentally and physically.

    While ordinarily Djokovic can shrug off those kinds of semi-final clashes and play to his maximum in the final, the couple of per cent that it took out of him was enough for Andy Murray to dominate the Wimbledon decider.

    It was obvious to me right from the start that Djokovic was below par. Sure, there were some gruelling, fantastic points – none more so than the opening exchange – and in total there were a

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