Simon Reed

  • Women’s tennis needs Belgians

    thought it was interesting, not just that Kim came back and beat everyone at
    the US Open, but also that Kimiko Date Krumm, who is 39-years-old, won the
    title in Seoul last week having previously not won a match all year.

    I think that tells you all you need
    to know about where women's tennis is at the moment, and anyone who has retired
    in the last 10 years should have a long look at things and ask themselves are
    they happy with their lives - if not there is always the option that they could
    get back involved in the game.

    Women's tennis has been very poor
    recently and the top players have just

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  • Sharapova a real threat

    Sharapova didn't really have to play anyone particularly highly ranked last
    week in Tokyo,
    other than Jelena Jankovic in the final, but she looked good on her way to
    winning the title.

    I've said this before and will say
    it again: Sharapova is a different breed to the rest of the Russians. Most
    Russian players seem to hate being hunted when they get to the top, but
    Sharapova constantly shows she loves it.

    She seems to enjoy working things
    out as a tournament progresses and even as a match progresses. She has a really
    good chance this week in Beijing,
    especially now that Venus Williams and

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  • Awesome Clijsters

    performance that Kim Clijsters produced on her comeback in Cincinnati was nothing short of

    What amazed me
    most was the way she was able to take the game to Marion Bartoli, who is not only one of the
    top five in-form players in the world but also an extremely aggressive
    competitor herself.

    In all
    honesty, before the match I thought that Clijsters might show a bit of promise
    but would lose fairly easily. She couldn't have had a much worse draw than
    Bartoli, on a high from her recent victory in Stanford.

    Instead it was
    Bartoli who looked as if she'd had the tough draw, facing a

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  • Get rid of higher seeds

    business of having 32 seeds at the Grand Slams has got to stop.

    It's something that's come from the
    top players, who have demanded - and got - more guaranteed easier matches at
    the start of proceedings.

    You can see why they'd want that,
    and the players' demands have done their job because for the first time in US
    Open history every one of the men's top 16 seeds has made it into the third

    But it's a bit of disaster for the
    tournament, because it's made it very slow to get going.

    You end up not getting a single
    decent match in the opening few rounds. Okay, so it arguably sets up a

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  • Four to win US Open

    Clijsters's return to tennis just keeps getting better, and it seems to be
    building all the time. She fell to Jelena Jankovic in the last 16 in Toronto last week, but
    Jankovic had to play some fantastic tennis to knock her out.

    And in the round before that
    against Victoria Azarenka, Clijsters looked superb, playing the best tennis
    she's yet produced in her comeback.

    She is now installed as fourth
    favourite with most bookies for the US Open, and that seems a very fair
    assessment for a player who is still getting back the sort of match fitness
    that you only really gain in tournament play.

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  • Shaky Williams wobble again

    Once again in the women's game this week we've seen many of the top seeds come a cropper.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Williams sisters just don't bring the same intensity to what they see as 'warm-up' tournaments. The WTA Tour can try all they like to make Cincinnati a big event, but to Venus and Serena a warm-up for the US Open is all it'll ever be.
    The other leading women players might not feel that way, but they also lack the consistency that the best men do - and they are all there to be shot at by almost anybody out there.
    It's odd that it's this way round these days. In

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  • Bartoli happy to sing own song

    You never know
    quite what to think about Marion Bartoli.

    Sometimes she
    doesn't look much of a player, and at other times she can beat anyone - as she
    proved when she downed Justine Henin to
    reach the 2007 Wimbledon final, and as she
    showed again on Sunday when she beat Venus Williams to
    win in Stanford.

    After the Wimbledon result a couple of years ago, everyone thought
    she'd just had one of those fortnights, that she'd disappear - but she didn't.
    She's stuck in there and continued to produce good results, and continued to
    beat top players in the process.

    Could she go
    the extra step and win a

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