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  • Albert Hall deserves better than Cleverly-Krasniqi

    The famous old venue returns to the boxing sceneIn a world full of identikit stadia, venues like the Royal Albert Hall stand out.

    Sure, the capacity of a 140-year-old building cannot compare with that of the modern giants of sporting architecture - but surely it deserves better than Nathan Cleverly versus Robin Krasniqi?

    There hasn't been a world title boxing card at the place since Marco Antonio Barrera in his prime made short work of pretender to his WBO super bantamweight throne, England's own Paul Lloyd, back in 1999.

    The card, set for Saturday April 28 and to be headlined by Cleverly/Krasniqi, will be the first inside those hallowed

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  • Groves-DeGale rivalry will define British boxing

    George Groves, 23, and James DeGale, 25, have been rivals since 2002 when they were both members of the Dale Youth amateur boxing club.

    Both fighters have the potential to win world titles and over the years they have overtaken each other time and time again, driving one another on to improve.

    There was a time when they could co-exist - two young boys with a shared dream, looking to the same idols, practising the same techniques, encouraged by the same coaches - but it was inevitable that they would become rivals.

    It slowly dawned on everyone that the dreams they shared were realistic - but

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  • Battle of the flat-track bullies

    "We have a theory about the heavyweight championship, that somehow each of the great figures to hold the title manages to sum the spirit of his time."

    "Just as people get the governments they deserve, so each period in our history seems to create the heavyweight champion it needs to express itself on the platform where body language and social currents fuse."

    Budd Schulberg, 1972

    - - -

    In the spring of 1908 Jack Johnson, the black American heavyweight, sailed to England for the chance to compete for the heavyweight title, a chance denied him by the American boxing authorities.

    The white

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