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“This will be a better fight than Froch-Groves 2!”

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Paul Butler believes his clash with Stuart Hall on Saturday will be bigger than Carl Froch’s battle against George Groves.

Butler, challenging for the IBF bantamweight title, takes on Hall at Newcastle’s Metro Arena and is feeling confident of taking the belt off his former sparring partner.

After a great month for British boxing, the undefeated 25-year-old from Merseyside said his clash with Hall will be even bigger.

He said in an exclusive interview with Eurosport boxing writer Robert Horgan: “The Froch v Groves fight was massive for the publicity of British boxing but the fight itself turned out to be a bit of a let down.

“It ended up being a bit of a chess match. Me and Stuart won’t be feeling each other out like that.

“There will be plenty of shots thrown and we’ll be going at each other for however long it takes me to get him out of there.”

Butler successfully moved up to Bantamweight in March when he stopped Oreste Bernabe Nieva to claim the vacant Intercontinental title.

The former super flyweight said training has gone perfectly and he is prepared for whatever 34-year-old Hall throws at him.

He said: “If he comes at me, then it’s not going to end well for him because I will hurt him and he’s going to get knocked out.

“If he sits back and waits for me then there is no chance for him because he can’t out-box me in any aspect.

“Whatever he decides to do we can adjust and change up. I don’t think he can adapt during a fight and that’s why he’s going to lose.”

Hall claimed the vacant IBF title in December 2013 by beating South African southpaw Vusi Malinga and then successfully defending it at the first time of asking against Martin Ward in March.

However, Butler, who boasts 15 fight wins with eight knockouts, believes his trademark body punches will be too much for the reigning champion.

“If I don’t finish him with a body shot then the referee will save him from getting seriously hurt.

“If he doesn’t give up himself then his corner will have to step in and take him out. If not he’ll be grateful when the referee stops him from getting really hurt,” he said.

“I’m ready to get in the ring and do the business.”

The former sparring partners know each other extremely well both inside and outside the ring.

However, Butler believes he has moved on significantly since their sparring days and predicts Hall will be underprepared for him.

He said: “I am a completely different fighter now to what I was when we were sparring together. I have come on leaps and bounds whereas Stuart has not improved much since then.

“He’s just grown in confidence since then which could be bad news for him. I don’t think he’s actually improved as a fighter but he’s filled himself with confidence, especially since the Malinga fight.”

Many have questioned whether this fight has come to soon for the man nicknamed the baby-faced assassin.

Butler has no such doubts about himself and believes he is now at the level he belongs.

“If your good enough then you’re old enough and it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve got,” he said.

“It is massive for me to be fighting at this level. Everyone is questioning if this fight has come to soon for me but I will show all of them what I am about. I truly believe I deserve to be up here at this level.

“I’ve earned this and I’m ready for the step up.”

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