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Boxer busted after bloody nose

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Martin Tucker (Facebook)

Bloody noses are commonplace in the sport of boxing, but for boxer Martin Tucker from Toledo in Ohio, a nosebleed suffered during a fight in April turned out to be more than unlucky. It was life-changing.

Tucker sustained a bloody nose during a bout in Toledo, and afterward Special Agent Robert Schmitz snagged a cotton bud swab that had been used to clean Tucker's nose. The DNA from the cotton bud matched DNA from a mask worn during a bank robbery in 2009.

According to the Detroit News, Tucker was arrested on Tuesday and charged with robbing a bank and using a firearm during a crime of violence.

Tucker's arrest caps off a three-year search which started after two men stole $5,379 (£3,426) from a bank in July 2009.

Authorities matched DNA for Quentin A. Sherer, who they believe to be one of the robbers, but they did not have a DNA match for Tucker.

After seeing a photo of Sherer and Tucker on Myspace, the FBI began to investigate Tucker.

The rest is history.

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