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This five-year-old’s boxing skills will terrify you

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5-year-old boxer Nijee The Future! by heavion

You know when you see future brilliance, almost immediately. Remember those classic clips of Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and the Williams sisters to name a few.

One name you might be adding to the list is five-year-old Nijee TheFuture. Yes, that is really his name!

Let's be honest, there can be little doubting this young boy's prospects when you see the video of him sparring with his Dad at their home in the USA.

The speed of his punches and rapid footwork really are quite a sight to behold. How his father keeps up is anyone's guess.

Indeed, it's really hard to deny that Nijee is not TheFuture of boxing.

What do you make of the video: is it exciting and inspiring to see such a young boy showing incredible promise, or is it slightly alarming that a five-year-old child can be so skilled at punching?

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