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Froch asks girlfriend to marry him (unofficially) after huge fight

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What a way for a sports star to round off a stunning victory on the biggest stage of all than to add a marriage proposal into the mix too?

Carl Froch did exactly that to his model girlfriend Rachael Cordingley straight after delivering a stunning knockout to beat George Groves in their title fight at Wembley.

Cordingley rushed over to congratulate The Cobra after his eighth-round stoppage of Groves and, in front of 80,000 spectators, he got down on one knee.

Given that Froch had just been involved in a huge world title fight, he did not have a ring on him to make it as official a proposal as he might have done otherwise, but still.

Rachael, with whom he has two kids, agreed to marry him after his bowed request, as he revealed afterwards.

"I did ask Rachael a sneaky question after the fight but it's not official," he said.

"She said, 'Yes.' I told her how much I love her.

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"I didn't actually officially propose to her. I was going to but I couldn't sort a ring out.

"I will be marrying Rachael one day. This is the most special moment of my life - the next will be wedding Rachael and making us a proper family, me, my kids and her.

"This night will be remembered for defending title."

A wonderful triumph and a touching moment to round it all off. Quite a night for the Cobra.

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