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Havoc as winning boxer disqualified after 21 seconds

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It was meant to be a night to remember for two boxing debutants but it ended in farce as one fighter was disqualified after 21 seconds for kicking out at his opponent – after he had floored him.

Luke Dorsett and Dean Hames, both from Luton, had never fought before, and it looked that way as they threw wild haymakers from the off.

But Dorsett clearly had the better of his smaller opponent when referee Steve Holdsworth - who happens to be a Eurosport commentator - stepped in to stop the mismatch.

Dorsett initially tried to fight on which, while against the rules, does happen from time to time – had he stopped there Holdsworth said he may have penalised him by docking a point, but clearly Dorsett would have won the fight soon enough.

Inexplicably though he went for the prone Hames, who tried to escape from the ring before Dorsett swung a wild kick at his foe.

Havoc ensued at the Liquid Envy venue in Luton, taking around 20 minutes for organisers to restore order and get the next fight prepared. Fortunately Holdsworth was an accomplished professional boxer in the late 1970s and managed to emerge unscathed.

Needless to say Dorsett was disqualified on the spot – although he had already escaped the venue before the dust settled.

While stunned by the whole affair, Hames was ultimately delighted: despite taking a big body blow, he was awarded a win on his debut.

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