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Pacquiao-Mayweather dream fight is now on the clock

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Two years.

It took Manny Pacquiao two years to finally exorcise his demons from the first fight against Tim Bradley.

It's fascinating, the tricks the human mind can play on time. Cruel, tortuous tricks.

The supposedly all-conquering entity of time itself - which waits for no man, remember - can nonetheless be manipulated by a person's own ambitions as well as their desperation. It very rarely does that person any favours, either.

While the time between June 2012 and now would have felt like an eternity inside the head of the eight weight world champion, the next two years are likely to suddenly speed past like Lewis Hamilton conducting Formula 1 qualifying on a high street.

It was clear in the rematch at the MGM Grand on Saturday that Pacquiao in his Ricky Hatton-slaying prime has already been taken from us by old Father Time.

Despite that, it was a great showing from the guaranteed Hall of Famer, and it's unlikely many other athletes will ever enjoy a sweeter sip of redemption than he did after Pacquiao-Bradley II.

Problem is, however, that Manny goes from one dilemma immediately into another.

Outside of battling Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez yet again in what would surely at least be another enthralling encounter, Pacquiao finds himself tremendously short on new challenges.

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He admitted after the unanimous decision over 'Desert Storm' that he plans to fight on for another 24 months, but the ridiculous promotional complications and television divides Stateside will make it almost impossible for the 35-year-old to ensure his final two years as an in-ring competitor are as memorable as his prime era wars.

Besides, we all know the one fight Pacquiao really wants. The one fight we all want.

Ironically, Floyd Mayweather Jr will probably also hang up the gloves in around two years. He has four fights left on his huge contract, and has stated his intention to keep fighting twice a year with Marcos Maidana up next on May 3.

When the duo seamlessly transition from world class fighters to sporting legends come 2016 in their late 30s, however, it will take a miracle for them to do so having finally crossed paths along the way.

To be honest, had Mayweather really wanted it to happen then it would have back in 2009 when it would have been positively nuclear. It would have broken every boxing record in sight five years ago.

But even though many agree that any future Mayweather-Pacquiao megafight would likely be a shell of what it could have been back then, a 2015 or 2016 edition would still catch the eyes of an entire planet.

We just have to hope. Hope for a miracle.

Pacquiao-Bradley 3 and Pacquiao-Marquez 5 would be great fights for the purist, but they won't capture the imagination like that last remaining dream fight with 'Money' would.

The past two years may well have felt an eternity to Manny Pacquiao, but his last two years as an active boxer will feel like a race against time to find a way through all the red tape and Mayweather games to secure the legacy-defining end to an amazing career he - and us fight fans - deserve.

So, do you believe in miracles?

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