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Get Ready to Rumble! Michael Buffer confirmed for Froch v Groves II

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Hall of Famer MC Michael Buffer will call Carl Froch and George Groves to the ring when the pair clash in their rematch for the WBA and IBF World Super Middleweight titles at Wembley Stadium on May 31.

The American legend will grace the national stadium as Froch and Groves lock horns in front of the biggest crowd in British boxing history, and Buffer cannot wait to introduce the bitter rivals after missing out on their epic first bout in Manchester.

“On November 23 I was in Macau for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios fight and quite disappointed that I was unable to be in two places at the same time as George Groves was challenging super middleweight world champion Carl Froch in Manchester,” said Buffer.

“Everyone knew the contest between ‘The Cobra’ and ‘Saint’ George was going be a war and it certainly did not fail to meet its expectations.

“A rematch was inevitable and logical. Everything fell into place and I now find myself looking forward to coming to London and being a part of what looks like one of the greatest boxing nights in UK history.

“I hate sounding like an oldie but I remember Sir Henry Cooper fought a guy by the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay – who later was known as the Greatest, Muhammad Ali – at Wembley over half a century ago and this will far surpass that with those present and millions watching around the world.

“I intend on enjoying the electric atmosphere of one of the greatest cities in the world during the final week of May as it braces itself for an evening of world championship boxing at its highest level.

"On that night, after the introductions and the bell rings, this ring announcer will go to his seat to be just another fan enjoying the excitement and anxiety all fans dream of. I have a feeling that my seat and most others will be in part time usage as this contest will likely have the crowd on its feet more than once."

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