5 crazy things you might have missed: The hilarious ‘Rooney Burger’

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Some of the best stories at the World Cup are the funny, quirky little titbits that can come and go so quickly you may not even notice, since it's entirely possible that you have other things to do in your life than scour the internet.

Luckily, that's what you have us for. So here are the funniest, quirkiest and most shocking stories that you might have missed over the last 24 hours.

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1. Fast food outlet's genius jibe at Wayne Rooney

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The Chicken Lodge in Manchester has briefly overtaken the Fat Duck as the world's most famous restaurant with a simply brilliant gag at the expense of England striker Wayne Rooney.

After England's inglorious early exit from the tournament in Brazil, the fast food joint on Lodge Street in the suburb of Middleton announced on their Facebook page that they'd star selling the Rooney Burger. "It is plain, nothing special, and overpriced."

At £18 a pop, we'd have to agree. Apparently you'll also be able to get a Gerrard burger - "same deal, same price". Though for that one you'd at least expect some vintage, aged beef.

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2. Klinsmann panned for 'fashion disaster'

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You'd think that almost masterminding a shock win over Portugal would earn adulation for USA manager Juergen Klinsmann.

Instead, all anyone could talk about was the German legend's dodgy Team USA jumper.

And indeed, some people even blamed the concession of a late goal to the manager's knitwear.

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3.) Best World Cup ever stuns fans by producing most boring match in history

The World Cup has been stunning. Staggering. Electric. Game after game of amazing players doing astonishing things. Hell, even the matches which you'd assume would be dire - such as Algeria-South Korea on Sunday night - have become stone-cold classics.

But there have been lows, like the Nigeria-Iran goalless draw that was memorably described by a freelancer at the Eurosport offices as "being like a sorbet palate-cleanser half-way through a seven-course meal".

(We're clearly paying them too much. But that's another story.)

Anyway, Nigeria-Iran was made to look like a re-run of a match featuring Cruyff-era Holland by Belgium's turgid win over Russia, widely panned as 'The most boring match in World Cup history'.

If you've not seen it yet, check out the very funny analysis in our regular Overreaction Theatre blog. Here's a snippet to tempt you across:

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4. Oh Diego, Diego, Diego...

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The only thing that this World Cup has lacked compared to South Africa 2010 is the unique comedy stylings of Diego Maradona.

Four years ago, the Argentine legend was in charge of his national team - a job which he appeared to treat as nothing more or less than a glorified bit of bodyguarding and cheerleading. When he wasn't running over journalists trying to report on his team, he was hugging, kissing and cheering on his chaps from the sideline. Tactics? Boring. Let's just hear some noise, people!

So his unique personality has been sadly off the radar for most of the tournament. Luckily, he has put that right by flipping his middle finger in the direction of Argentina's FA president for accusing him of being a jinx on the team.

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5.) Fuleco the Armadillo gets jiggy with the go-go dancers

This footage from a fan even in Brazil, featuring the cuddly 2014 World Cup mascot, is just so, so wrong.

Can you imagine World Cup Willie getting up to these sorts of shenanigans? Nor can we. Tsk tsk.

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