5 crazy things you missed: Neymar’s farewell, Nasri’s girlfriend strikes again

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Often some of the funniest, most interesting and quirky moments at huge sports events go almost unnoticed, rarely featured in reports or blog posts.

So here are five ridiculous things you may not have already seen or heard about from the last few days in Brazil with the World Cup throwing up some wonderful stories.

Did you see anything particularly noteworthy that passed off without mention? Feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments section below...

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1) HEARTBREAKING GOODBYES! - Neymar in wheelchair comforted by emotional team-mates

Neymar comforted by team-mates... by LANCETV

[Neymar ruled out of finals with fractured vertebrae]

Brazil superstar Neymar had left the field on a stretcher following a clumsy challenge by Colombia's Juan Zuñiga in the second half before being taken to hospital and the worst was already feared.

The forward had appeared to be in some pain on the way down the tunnel, clutching his lower back and grimacing. He was then ruled out of the remainder of the tournament, leading to this very touching moment with his team-mates.

Hugs were exchanged as the emotional Brazil players comforted the wheelchair-bound Neymar. Such a sad story.

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2) THIS IS JUST... CRAZY! - Watch all of Tim Howard's saves, at the same time

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(Yahoo Sports)

You've seen Tim Howard's World Cup record 16 saves in the U.S.'s 2-1 loss to Belgium and all of the glowing praise — even from the highest offices in the U.S. government — that has followed.

But do you know what's better than watching 16 Tim Howard saves in a single World Cup match?


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3) AH YES, SHE'S AT IT AGAIN! - Samir Nasri's girlfriend tweets abuse at France boss

It did not take her long, did it? Samir Nasri’s girlfriend seized her chance to back her man after she took to Twitter to tell France manager Didier Deschamps that he was wrong to leave out her man.

Anara Atanes went crazy back in May as she slammed Deschamps over his decision not to include Nasri in his 23-man squad, and now she's having the last laugh. Or so she believes.

It's hardly something to be proud of, but she's remarkably smug about the situation, as evidenced in her tweet to the France boss...

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4) LUIS SUAREZ GETS SLAMMED AGAIN - This time, it's a vicar that gives the disgraced striker a ticking off

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Suarez has been treated like a ‘dog’, says furious granny

Now, we all know that Luis Suarez was wrong to bite Giorgio Chiellini, but yet another individual has decided to wade in and tell him off.

Reverend David Hull, speaking to a 40-strong congregation at the funeral of Derby County FA Cup winner Jim Bullions, said: "It seems to me people like Gentleman Jim are sadly missed in the world of football today.

"And sorry folks, I’m not a political man, but I have to say that man (Suarez) was not fit to kiss Jim’s boots and should never be allowed to play football again. Whatever Jim did, he always played by the rules and played honestly and fairly. Yes, he was a hard and determined player, but he played football as I think football was meant to be played."

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5) IS PIRLO SIMPLY THE COOLEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD? - Italy star wears a t-shirt bemoaning his own absence from World Cup

Now, this is remarkably cool and let no one say anything to the contrary.

The 35-year-old has now been spotted striding around sporting a t-shirt declaring that his absence from a World Cup effectively equals - no party!

Yes, we all miss you, Andrea, but maybe you should have ensured that there was a party when losing to Uruguay and Costa Rica?



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