5 crazy things you missed: Star’s unbelievable free-kick, a magic Messi moment

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Often some of the funniest, most interesting and quirky moments at huge sports events go almost unnoticed, rarely featured in reports or blog posts.

So here are five ridiculous things you may not have already seen or heard about from the last few days in Brazil with the World Cup throwing up some wonderful stories.

Did you see anything particularly noteworthy that passed off without mention? Feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments section below...

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1) CHILE STAR'S UNBELIEVABLE FREE-KICK - World Cup hero Jorge Valdivia scores amazing set-piece from almost off the pitch

Valdivia's unbelievable free-kick... by danteoliveira7

He makes it look outrageously simple, but seeing where the ball was placed as Jorge Valdivia stepped up to take this free-kick made it clear just how tough it was to score.

The Chile star showed off his talent at the World Cup, scoring against Australia in a wonderful campaign for his country, but we feel short-changed to have not been treated to a set-piece of this quality in Brazil.

So, have a go at this yourself when you're next on a football pitch: place the ball on the dead-ball line and try to curl it into the net. Simply ridiculous.

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2) TIM KRUL SAVES THE DAY... AGAIN! - 'NightKruler' stars in comical cartoon video


Netherlands goalkeeper became the surprise hero as he came on just before the penalty shootout against Costa Rica and put in a starring role.

The Newcastle man may have thought things could not get any better for him - that is, until he sees this wonderful cartoon production.

Krul has been made into a Marvel-inspired superhero called 'NightKruler' and it's a joy to watch, frankly.

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3) MESSI PASS KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER - One Lionel Messi pass against Belgium looks even more glorious with this angle

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Remember that amazing pass which Lionel Messi threaded through with precision for Angel Di Maria against Belgium? Yeah, well this new angle shows it to be all the more incredible.

At the time, everyone swooned over the weight of the pass and the precision in picking out the gap between the Belgian defence, but this wonderful shot shows just how special it really was.

Messi somehow managed to evade these two Belgian players in midfield and pick a gap that was seemingly non-existent to find Di Maria in behind the last defender. Sublime.

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4) IS THIS THE WORST HAIRCUT SO FAR? - Fan gets World Cup trophy painted into his head

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We have seen some truly shocking haircuts and head shaves already at this World Cup, as this slideshow of 'fun, frolics and fancy' hair shows abundantly.

As AFP reports, "football enthusiasts Nilesh Kadam (L) and Abhijit Chavan have World Cup-inspired scenes shaved and painted onto their heads at a salon in Mumbai."

Well, we certainly admire the guts and ambition of these boys in getting such haircuts and designs, but perhaps they might consider something more subdued next time.

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5) 'PLEASE, HELP US GET OVER NEYMAR!' - Brazil call in team psychologist to help players move on from star's injury

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Team psychologist keeps Brazil grounded

Such was Brazil's dependence on star forward Neymar that a sports psychologist, Regina Brandao, has been tasked with helping the other players recover from the emotional turmoil of losing their main man.

Thiago Silva said Brandao have admitted that the players had talked about the injury to their leading striker Neymar, which has ruled him out of the rest of the World Cup, and that they are working through the issues associated with it.

"Neymar was something we spoke about a lot," he said. "She emphasised that we all had to feel at ease because Neymar's already done what he had to do so now it's down to the other players." Not the ideal preparation for the hosts, then.



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