What this amazing dog can do will make you smile

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Purin the amazing beagle... by TMNews

Now, before you judge the dog, have an open mind before watching him in action because it is only fair.

Purin Kumagai the beagle has caused an online sensation with his showreel and, well, let's just say the dog can really play!

The inspirational pup appears to be equally adept scoring goals from deep as he is springing with extraordinary agility between the goalposts.

Put simply, nothing gets past Purin when he's protecting the goal.

Prolific as a deep-lying midfielder who surges forward with the ball on the proverbial string, Purin has no trouble finding the back of the net.

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'Purin Mania' is no doubt here to stay as we eagerly await his latest set of highlights.

Surely it's only a matter of time until he graces a real match, against dogs or indeed humans - with skills like this, there really is no limit to what he could achieve.

Purin is not the only dog who has impressed us more than many professional footballers, and yes that includes Fernando Torres post-Chelsea move.

Remember this remarkable back-post header from the dog who ghosted in with a perfectly-timed run?

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