Ancelotti writes extraordinary, heartfelt letter to Italians

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Carlo Ancelotti - not just a manager, but a football fan

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has written an open letter to Italy supporters calling on them to support the country at the World Cup.

The missive was printed by Gazzetta dello Sport and outlines Ancelotti’s opinions as to why the Azzurri can succeed in Brazil.

He draws parallels with Madrid’s success in the Champions League and praises Cesare Prandelli, the national team Coach.

“Guys, you can do it. I say it strong and loud,” Ancelotti began.

“Prandelli’s Italy can make us dream, a wonderful adventure that we Italians must continue with enthusiasm.

“To participate in the World Cup means something exciting, full of tension, and we need everyone’s help to do something big.

“However, when talking about our chances, people become sceptical and don’t believe. Well, I guarantee that the team and the coaching staff remain united and in tune. If you have a positive atmosphere, you get results.

“I have learned that with the Champions League and Madrid.

“That’s why it’s important to encourage Italy and be supportive of these guys. We are not favourites, really Brazil, Germany and Spain are, but I want to ask you one thing.

“Where we favourites in Spain in 1982 or Germany in 2006? No, and we won the World Cup.

“Football is a mystery, simply the trajectory of a shot in the wind in your favour or against you, and therefore you lose a game.

“One thing is certain: Facing Italy is difficult for everyone. We are a great team tactically, we have experience and players who can make a difference.

“The group we’re in is complicated but our opponents should be worried about us.

“The last reason I give you to believe is Cesare Prandelli. He is a great Coach, very well prepared and a great man. I’m with him and I’m with Italy.

“After winning the Champions League as a Coach, if I see Italy win the World Cup as a fan, it will be a fantastic season.”

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