• Rihanna parties with Germany’s World Cup winners

    Following Mario Goetze’s extra-time goal which helped Germany to a 1-0 win over Argentina in the World Cup final, Joachim Loew’s men partied long into the night, with some of his players taking the opportunity to celebrate with pop star Rihanna.

    The Barbados-born singer has made no secret of her love for football and had kept her 36 million followers on Twitter entertained throughout the World Cup with her views on matches and players. So it came as no surprise to see Rihanna in the stands for the final at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

    Though she had often showed her support for

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  • As German players posed with, kissed and hoisted one of the most coveted trophies in all of sport, it’s a fair assumption that many of the players had no idea their time with the historic 18-carat gem was running short.

    Because just a few minutes after the German celebrations on the pitch ended, FIFA whisked away the trophy Germany worked so hard to win and locked it away.

    That's right: only a gold-plated replica heads back to German soil. It seems like one of the biggest teases in sport.

    The feeling of lifting six and a quarter kilograms of 75 percent pure 18-carat gold, and then watching

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  • Eurosport Roundtable: World Cup picks, named and shamed!

    Before the World Cup, we polled our team of writers to predict what they thought would happen at Brazil 2014.

    Needless to say, their predictions were - shall we say - a little wide of the mark in most instances.

    But they thought they'd gotten away with it of course - until now, that is, because we've dredged up their aimless chuntering and made it into a giant hand with which to spank them all soundly.

    Though having said that, there are one or two predictions that proved fairly decent, as you'll see…

    Rest assured: there will be demotions and pay cuts all round for anyone who failed to make at

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  • Overreaction Theatre: German arrogance, fury at Messi award

    Now that Germany are every neutral's favourites and world champions for the fourth time, let's remind ourselves that they can still, on occasion, be just a tiny little bit arrogant.

    Here's the Berliner Morgenpost spelling out 'World Champion' using the names of the Germany team.

    Only this isn't Monday's edition - it was published yesterday BEFORE the final.

    Just look at Thomas Mueller winking at the camera during the national anthem -

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  • What did the final tell us? It's okay to like Germany, Messi can't do it alone, and we're already missing the World Cup.

    Germany deserved to win

    In recent years Germany have enjoyed an unlikely status as the neutrals’ favourites. But with the softening of their image came the suspicion that they had lost the steely ruthlessness that brought them so much silverware. This team played the best football at Brazil 2014, but also showed the toughness to mix it with Argentina for 120 in an absorbing but attritional contest. Germany traded blows in a sapping contest then, when the opportunity to make

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  • World Cup - Super Mario wins the World Cup for Germany

    The goal that won the World Cup final and also the goal that didn't

    It was a good World Cup final, not a great one, but the winning goal from Mario Goteze is one that we will never forget. To score the winning goal in the biggest game in football is something every kid dreams about and we can only imagine what the Bayern Munich youngster must have felt as he controlled the ball and fired home a sublime finish. Very few people will ever get to experience that feeling, although one man who did was Gonzalo Higuain (for about 30 seconds) before his goal in the first half was rightly ruled out for

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  • BBC v ITV: Who won the World Cup final TV battle?

    The last month has seen BBC and ITV battle for hearts and minds with their World Cup coverage.

    And Sunday night saw the two big beasts of terrestrial TV go head to head, with both afforded the privilege of screening the final live.

    These occasions are usually a chance for the Beeb to dole out a ratings beating - a quadrennial reminder that whatever the 'creatives' might think, most people would just as soon go without adverts, thanks.


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  • Gonzalo Higuain made amends for spurning a huge opening in the World Cup final by tucking home a first-half opener for Argentina at the Maracana.

    He unleashed a triumphant roar as he wheeled away in delight, aggressively pointing at his shirt during a lengthy celebration.

    There was just one problem.

    His strike was ruled out for offside. Yes, despite being two yards offside, the striker failed to check for confirmation from the officials before starting his drawn-out lap of honour.

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  • David Beckham’s children arrived at the Maracana for the World Cup final wearing Argentina shirts – despite the fact it evoked memories of their father’s lowest point in football.

    The former England captain was infamously sent off against Argentina after lashing out at Diego Simeone at the 1998 World Cup in France.

    England went onto lose on penalties, sparking effigies of Beckham back in his home country and a lengthy journey to rebuild his international career.

    When faced with the decision of supporting Germany or Argentina, most England fans will elect to stay in neutral territory given

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  • World Cup party already underway before kick-off

    From Buenos Aires to the Brandenburg Gate, millions of people were getting ready to watch Sunday's World Cup final between Germany and Argentina in Brazil.

    In Rio de Janeiro, which is hosting the final, the party was already in full swing, with fans flocking to Copacabana Beach and flooding the city's bars and restaurants ahead of kick-off.

    A massive security operation was in force outside the famous Maracana Stadium - where 10 heads of state were attending the match along with nearly 75,000 fans.

    Although the host nation are not playing in the final, Brazil has transformed the event into one

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